Lord of Ashes - Chapter 878

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"I remember that when Qiankun Wuji Gong was upgraded from LV.6 to LV.7, it only consumed 4.9 million soul points, but now it takes 6.3 million soul points to upgrade from LV.7 to LV.8 , which is equivalent to an increase of 1.4 million soul points."

Although the upgrade requirement of 1.4 million soul points is definitely not much compared to other professional skills, it is indeed a lot for the current Zhang Yanhang, at least he really can't afford to upgrade.

"Judging from the current situation, if you go up a little further, it is estimated that the upgrade demand will rise to the level of tens of millions of soul points. Therefore, although it is true that there are only three levels left to be upgraded, but At least 20 to 30 million soul points will be consumed to reach full."

That is to say, if Zhang Yanhang wants to directly fill up at one time, it is estimated that he will have to wait until the second stage of the cleanup plan is completed, that is, after the entire city of Grigia has been cleaned up, before he can gather the relevant soul point requirements.

"So, let's improve the skill level of Death Wave first."

As for the death wave skill, Zhang Yanhang really wanted to improve it for a long time. This means that the newly acquired professional skills are really powerful. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, the priority of death wave must be very high. In the first few upgrades.

This time, it was because the demand for this aspect was not too great before, so there was no rush to upgrade, but now, after coming to the Ashes World to clean up the monsters, the demand has come back again, so it is indeed impossible not to upgrade.

"Also, although it has fallen from the top of the ranking to the fourth from the bottom, the value of the death fluctuation itself has definitely not decreased at all."

If it wasn't for this, then Zhang Yanhang certainly couldn't have been thinking about raising the skill level of Death Wave.

"So, I choose option seven to upgrade the Death Wave skill from the original X to the Origin LV.5."

After a brief look at the skill list, Zhang Yanhang quickly made a choice, and at the same time, the time pause also ended.


November 1st, Sunday, Halloween, is also the first day of Zhang Yanhang's entry into the world of ashes, at 7:39 pm, Umbrella Biochemical Proving Ground, Terra City, Lucky Slot Machine.

After successfully upgrading the Death Wave skill from the original X to Origin LV.6, Zhang Yanhang did not rush to check the effect of the Death Wave skill immediately, but first opened his soul point balance and took a look.

[Soul Point: 9779807 (-19660800)]

"Originally, I had a total of 29.44 million soul points, but upgrading the Death Wave skill just now consumed 19.66 million soul points, leaving me with only 900 soul points remaining. 770,000 soul points, but fortunately at least one level of Qiankun Wuji Gong is definitely enough."

Of course, compared to the soul point, Zhang Yanhang is more concerned about the source of ashes. He originally had a total of four legendary essences and five points of ashes, but just now he consumed a little of the legendary essence and a little of ashes. The source of exhaustion, therefore, he now has a total of three points of legendary essence and four points of the source of exhaustion.

"In addition to alchemy, I still have three skills that need to be improved, namely the indestructible golden body, the firearms master and the fighting master, and I just have three legendary essences left, so it is definitely not enough to upgrade them all. questionable.

It's just that the four legendary essences that I need to advance to the rank must be obtained from the lord monster. "

Judging from the current situation, Zhang Yanhang estimates that he may not need to wait three days to be promoted, but it is entirely possible that he can be promoted to the fifth rank as long as the entire Umbrella biochemical test field is cleared, which is tomorrow. directly promoted to the fifth rank.

After all, now that he has two choices, it shouldn't be difficult to collect ten sources of Ashes in one go in the Ashes Treasure Chest.

Moreover, even if it is true that he can only open the source of 9 points of ash as before, it is not a big problem. After all, he now has 4 points of ash, and he only needs 3 points of ash to upgrade his skills. After using it, I can just get a little more source of ashes, and I can still gather ten sources of ashes for promotion.

Therefore, Zhang Yanhang is still very confident in his promotion to the fifth rank.

After taking a look at the balance of Soul Points, Zhang Yanhang quickly opened the skill effect of Death Wave Origin LV.6 to check.

[Death Fluctuation · Origin LV.6 (Passive/Active)]

[Passive effect: Weakens the enemy's defense by 24% (+4%). 】

[Active effect: After the skill is activated, it will cause 600(+100)+12(+2)×100[intelligence]+12(+2)×100[charm]=3000 points (+500 points) to everyone within the coverage area ) fixed damage.

The coverage area is 1200 (+200) × 160% (+40%) = 1920 meters (+720 meters), and can only damage the same target once within 6 hours (-6 hours). No cooldown, moderate stamina consumption. 】

[Additional attribute: Skilled - You are now able to master the death wave skill skillfully, you have acquired the ability to mark friendly targets, and the marked object will be immune to the fixed damage from the death wave skill. 】

[Additional attribute: Proficient - You are now more proficient in the control of the death wave skill, you have gained the ability to freely manipulate the coverage of the death wave skill (can only be adjusted downward), and the physical strength consumption after the coverage of the death wave skill is reduced will be reduced accordingly. 】

[Additional attribute: Specialization - After a long period of hard work, your control of the death wave skill is now a specialization. You have obtained the ability to directly force the enemy whose health is less than 10% after being attacked by the death wave skill. The ability to kill, forced kills do not require additional stamina. 】

[Additional attribute: Expert - After a long period of hard work, you are now an expert in the control of the death wave skill. The long-term research has increased the intensity of your death wave and forced the upper limit of the enemy's health to kill. Increase by 10% and coverage by 20%. 】

[Additional attribute: Master - After a long period of hard work, you are now a master of the Death Wave skill. Long-term research has given you a closer understanding of the Death Wave skill, and you can forcefully kill the enemy. The upper limit of human health is increased by 10%, and the coverage area is increased by 40%.

At the same time, the process of using the Death Wave skill for a long time also allows you to understand part of the principle of 'Life Drain' by analogy. When you use the Death Wave skill to attack the enemy, you can draw part of the 'Life Energy' from the enemy's body for use. Recover a small amount of your stamina. 】

"Good guy, now the skill effect of Death Wave is getting longer and longer with the gradual improvement."

Looking at the text box in front of him that became larger than before, Zhang Yanhang even had the illusion that an additional attribute was actually the body.

"After the Death Wave skill was upgraded to Origin LV.6, the bonus effect of weakening the enemy's defense by 20% provided by the original passive effect increased by 4% again, becoming a total that can weaken the enemy's defense by 24%, which is almost equivalent to Weakened a quarter of the enemy's defense."

In this way, it is equivalent to the fact that the enemy has not done anything in front of him, and it has become brittle by a quarter out of thin air. It is really a very good passive effect in terms of output.

"In addition to the 24% defense weakening, I actually have a 43.8% armor piercing effect. The armor piercing effect can ignore defense, and the overall effect is actually similar to weakening the enemy's defense, so if two If you superimpose it, it is a total of 67.8%.

In other words, no matter what enemy I attack, I can directly ignore two-thirds of the opponent's defense, and can only use the remaining one-third of the defense to resist my own full damage, which is really good. "

Zhang Yanhang has always wanted to stack up his abilities to 100%. No matter what enemy he faces, he can ignore the defense directly. However, at present, it may be difficult. After all, he is currently in addition to the red iron **** finger. , I haven't encountered any other equipment with armor-piercing effects.

And the red iron **** finger is basically unable to improve at present, so it can only be said that it is, and we will think about how to solve it in the future.

"By the way, I don't know if there is any equipment at the Umbrella Biochemical Proving Ground that may obtain the armor-piercing effect?"

Zhang Yanhang thought about it and felt that there should still be some possibilities. After all, the tyrants here are indeed good at piercing armor, such as the ancestral death claws. For this ability to ignore defense, he is really good when he has it. Happy, but once the enemy has it, it's really annoying.

"In addition to the increase in passive effects, what is more important is the increase in active effects. This time, with the promotion of the skill level to Origin LV.6, the basic fixed damage provided by Death Wave has also been increased by 100 points, from the original Five hundred points increased to six hundred points.

The intelligence conversion coefficient and charm conversion coefficient of fixed damage have also increased by two points, from the original ten points to twelve points. In this way, with my fourth-order limit of 100 points of intelligence and charm attributes , which is equivalent to an additional 200 points of fixed damage in Intelligence and Charisma.

Intelligence and Charisma add up to a total of 400 points of fixed damage, plus the basic 100 points of fixed damage, a total of 500 points of fixed damage for my Death Wave skill, from the original 2,500 points of fixed damage All of a sudden it increased to 3,000 points of fixed damage.

However, even the weakest Tier 4 monsters have an upper limit of 3375 health points, so if only fixed damage is calculated, it is still not enough. "

Zhang Yanhang sometimes thinks, why the conversion factor on the side of death fluctuation has to be upgraded to increase. It would be great if it was just like the side of chasing good and avoiding evil, as long as it was promoted directly. If it can be so happy, then he There is definitely no need to worry about the problem of insufficient damage, but unfortunately, no.

"But fortunately this time the additional attributes have once again increased the kill limit by 10%, so that the overall kill limit has increased from the original 20% to 30%. In this case, as long as I can guarantee These 3,000 points of fixed damage can destroy more than 70% of the enemy's health, and they can still kill the enemy in seconds."

Zhang Yanhang did a careful calculation. When the original fixed damage was 2,500 points and the kill limit was 20%, he could only kill monsters below 3,125 points of health at most, which was just short of the lower limit of 3,375 points for fourth-order monsters. Two hundred and fifty points, so his death fluctuations at that time had no way to take fourth-order monsters.

But it's different now. He now has a fixed damage of 3,000 points and a 30% kill limit, which means that he can now kill monsters below 4,286 health points in seconds, which is far beyond four 3375 points of the minimum lower limit of tier monsters.

"The normal maximum HP conversion factor of Tier 4 is forty-five points, and after dividing 4286 by forty-five, it has reached 95 points, and 95 points, this is the level that a Tier 4 four-star monster can achieve. , belongs to the fourth-order peak level.

Therefore, I have now jumped from the level where I couldn't even kill the weakest Tier 4 monsters to the level where I could kill even the strongest Tier 4 monsters directly.

It's good to upgrade skills. If I go to the wrong side and do some fixed damage bonus, the ghost knows when I can get it. If you can upgrade skills, you can upgrade them casually. After only two levels, the problem has been solved. "

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that, according to Zhang Yanhang’s past experience, ninety-five points of physical attributes is already the highest attribute value that a fourth-order four-star monster can achieve, rather than the lower limit of a fourth-order four-star monster. .

Under normal circumstances, the physical attributes of a fourth-order four-star monster should be between 91-95~www.novelbuddy.com~ So unless Zhang Yanhang can encounter a 'five-star monster' that he has never seen or even heard of at all , or some outrageous fourth-order four-star elite monsters, then theoretically, Zhang Yanhang's current death fluctuation has indeed been able to kill all fourth-order monsters in seconds.

"Compared to fixed damage, the coverage of death fluctuations is also very important. After all, the light damage is high, but if you can't hit someone, it will be pulled down.

My original basic coverage range of Death Wave was only 1,000 meters, but now I have increased the basic coverage by 200 meters with the increase of the level, so that the basic coverage has increased to 1,200 meters. "

In addition, Zhang Yanhang noticed that the additional attributes of the Origin of Death Wave LV.6 added a 40% range bonus this time, while the range bonus had been increased by 20% in the original classic X. Therefore, Zhang Yanhang's coverage conversion factor is now 160% in total.

Thanks to this, Zhang Yanhang's basic coverage range of only 1,200 meters, after the addition, suddenly reached the level of 1,920 meters, which is a total increase of 720 meters of coverage compared to the original.

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