Live Wilderness Adventure - Chapter 767 fail?

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On the sea, Bi Fang continued to slap the surface of the sea and shook for a long time, but no sharks approached. [Ah, is this thing really useful?] [Are you doubting Lao Fang's strength?]

[Normal, it depends on luck how to catch something like fish.]

[Indeed, you have to be patient when you see that you have never caught a fish before.]

A quarter of an hour later, Bi Fang grabbed two more small fish, smashed them into pieces, and threw them into the sea.

Shaking the coconut drum can indeed attract sharks in the sea, but as the water friends say, this thing, like fishing, requires a little luck.

Life does not mean that if the method is right, there will be an outcome. Once again, using the fish head as a bait, Bi Fang's hands keep moving.

There are still no large figures in the sea, on the contrary, the smell of blood attracts a lot of small fish.

It's just that Bi Fang is not interested in them. Catching these small fish is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Finally, after half an hour of baiting and slapping, a giant creature whose shadow was obviously much larger than the other fish roamed over and swallowed the fish head that Bi Fang had just thrown.

[Come here!] [It's a shark!] [The shark is here, **** it, it's so big, can this thing catch it?]

Bi Fang fell to the ground, his eyes fixed on the dark shadow that suddenly appeared, feeling a little excited.

\"It's a Pacific porbeagle!\"[What kind of shark is a porbeagle?][Xiaolong]

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\"For people who don't know sharks, including me who first came into contact with animal classification documents, the name porbeagle is undoubtedly a rather unfamiliar word.\"

\"However, a well-known species in this order can be said to be one of the most famous sharks. I believe no one will not know its name.\"

[Jaws, I bet fifty cents! It must be it!] [Thanks to Director Speer for this]

\"Yes, it is the great white shark. The one in front of us is the Pacific porbeagle shark. The Pacific Ocean is its prefix name. It is the top predator in the Pacific Ocean. It is fierce and ferocious. The power is huge, and although it rarely attacks people, it is also potentially threatening.\"

In order to avoid the reflection of sunlight on the water surface, Bi Fang lay on the platform, and his face and the sea surface were in almost zero distance contact.

Many viewers were a little worried that the shark would suddenly jump out and take a bite.

But that is a common plot in horror movies. Although it is rarely used, in the water, Bi Fang also has a certain ability of shark electric induction, and it is impossible for a shark to attack.

\"The largest individual of the Pacific shark can grow to 220 kilograms, which is not inferior to the great white shark at all. This head is not small. I estimate that it has at least more than 100 kilograms. If you can catch it, you can go back by boat today. \"

There are certain toxins in shark meat, the main component is trimethylamine oxide, which can affect the human nervous system. This substance can be volatilized by exposure or fermentation, but it takes time.

There is no doubt that it is better to operate on the shore than on the boat.

It's a pity that the porb shark in front of me is quite vigilant, and has eaten several fish heads without getting close to the boat.

But a few fish heads are nothing more than something stuck between the teeth of this big guy with more than 100 kilograms, and the sound of the prey coming from the sea undoubtedly makes it ticklish.

Although the seabirds are small, they are delicious and fat, and they are difficult to catch. They can only rely on luck. They are rare meals, and it is difficult for sharks to refuse them.

Bi Fang felt that the time was right, and put the spear with the fish head into the water, and the fishy smell of the fish head gradually spread.

The porbeagle shark has been attracted by this fish head and keeps approaching Bi Fang's direction. This is an irresistible temptation. But as soon as it approached, it seemed to sense something, turned its head, and once again moved away from the boat.

The audience was itching unbearably tormented by the ups and downs of the plot.

Bi Fang has no choice, he can't swim against sharks in the sea, so he can only wait patiently.

The boat drifted on the ocean, and the blood on the fish head led the shark to the trap step by step under the action of the current. After a period of wandering, the shark finally failed to resist the temptation and was hooked.

The porbeagle shark swam to the sea near the boat and wanted to eat this piece of fish. The moment it approached the boat, Bi Fang suddenly waved his arm and cast a shadow.

A lasso suddenly tied the porbeagle's head!

The porbeagle didn't find the problem at first, but after being **** by the rope, it immediately found out that it was wrong and wanted to break free, but it underestimated Bi Fang's strength!

Bi Fang crouched on the boat, firmly pressing against the hull.

The sturdy arms with well-defined muscles, the abundant power is transmitted along the rope to the bottom of the ocean, and large white waves are lifted under the struggle of the sharks.

Bi Fang was ventilating quickly, and the oxygen was quickly transmitted to the whole body along the blood oxygen, all the cells were active, the muscles around the waist were beating clearly, and the whole person was like a full bow. Pull the shark out of the water!

This is a nearly 100kg shark!

The audience was dumbfounded. It was hard to lift a dead object of 100 kilograms, let alone a struggling shark.

In this way, even if the shark is a sea hegemon, once it is completely out of the sea, it can only be slaughtered by others.

[Fang Shen! I'm a male god!] [This sense of power, show you Shi Geng] [What kind of freak is ahead]

[Cunning Zero!]

[One thing to say, I just thought Fang Shen was going to kill him with a spear] [Me too] But sharks are sharks after all, and they are almost the most powerful beings in the ocean.

The size of the porbeagle shark in front of him is not that big among the same clan, and there is also a gap between the 100 kilograms estimated at the beginning, only about 90 kilograms.

According to the shark family tree, this shark is only a teenager, but it is definitely stronger than an adult! Even stronger!

Anyone who has fished knows that in the water, a big fish weighing more than ten kilograms can wrestle with an adult, let alone a shark weighing more than ninety kilograms.

Bi Fang's ability to take advantage of the opportunity to pull it up for the most part is already the limit.

After a few rounds of stalemate, the shark broke free with strong force, and Bi Fang was forced to let go, allowing the shark to return to the water.


The audience was disappointed. It wasn't that Bi Fang never missed, but it was very rare, and it was very frustrating to see it once.

\"You think I failed?\" The audience was taken aback. Isn't it?

\"I did not fail.\"

Bi Fang was flexing his slightly sore wrists, and just after a few rounds of wrestling, he almost lost his strength.

He stretched out his hand and pointed to the sea.

Only then did everyone discover that there was still a piece of driftwood on the sea, spinning rapidly.

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