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It is so violent that an accident is likely to occur.

For a long time, Ta Dian has been able to maintain relative peace because many things have not been mentioned on the surface.

Once these things are put on the surface, it will inevitably lead to irreversible contradictions.

If it's a different person, the person asking the question is not Seven Pages of War.

It would never be so straightforward.

However, the seven pages of war have already spoken, and at this time, he and others must be on the side of the seven pages of war.

Why don't you just take this opportunity to know everything clearly!

The four pages of instant extinction and the eight pages of death are both internal members of the tower code, but the true identity of the three pages of eternal sin has nothing to do with the tower code.

As a news inquirer over the years, the more inquired about Ta Dian's news, the more confused he became.

This caused a great sense of frustration in the heart of Eternal Sin Three Pages.

It can be said that the three pages of eternal sin want to know the real situation of Ta Dian far more than others.

So Yongsin Three Pages decided to add more fuel at this juncture.

"I agree with the seven pages of war!"

"You must not only clarify your own origins, but also explain the origins of the crimson page clearly!"

"If you don't clarify the origin of the crimson page, it will be difficult for us to determine your nature."

"If everything in the Ta Dian is so unclear, unclear, and unclear, then the three pages of the Ta Dian don't matter!"

Recently, people in the organization have been urging themselves to go back.

The situation inside the tower is indeed becoming more and more dangerous.

Dangerous to the point where you can no longer control the situation.

There is a book in each tower of the tower code, and these books are contained in the tower.

Eternal Sin Three Pages always thought that these books were the inheritance of Ta Dian.

Before the crimson page did not appear, the three pages of eternal sin had opened the book on the top of the tower of eternal sin.

Since it takes a lot of soul energy to open the book, the consumed soul energy needs at least one year of cultivation to recover.

The huge consumption makes it impossible for anyone to open the book of the tower code out of curiosity.

Since the three pages of Eternal Sin are spies, the most important purpose of spies is to obtain information.

This made the three pages of eternal sin come to the top of the tower under their control not long ago, wanting to learn about the tower code as a book of inheritance again.

I want to see if I can take this book with me when I leave the tower.

However, he tested the three pages of Eternal Sin again and found that the book that he could open before could no longer be opened again.

As the owner of the Tower of Eternal Sin, he can't even control the pagoda code as a book of inheritance!

This made the three pages of Yongsin give birth to a feeling that he was not the administrator of the tower code, but just a tool.

When he was persuaded by members of the organization before, Yongsin Sanye didn't let go, because Yongsin Sanye felt that it was a shame to go back in such a dismal manner without any results for so many years.

But when you realize that there are too many unsettled factors, so many that you don't even have the ability to grasp it.

After three pages of eternal sin, he knew that returning to the organization was the only way out at present, and only the organization behind him could ensure his safety.

Not to lose a life in a daze!

"Justice" is obviously much smarter than himself. Knowing that the situation is not right, he gave up the mission and returned to the organization on his own initiative when he was in the Shining Federation.

With four pages of instant extinction and eight pages of death, the three pages of eternal sin should have been smoothed out.

Whenever it comes to a critical moment, the three pages of eternal sin are always the first to give in. Why this time, the three pages of eternal sins not only did not give in, but started to ignite the fire?

This is so inappropriate! Since the situation at this time is developing towards a disintegrating situation, the four pages of Instantaneous who have always only focused on their own interests have rarely given birth to the idea of ​​​​being a peacemaker.

If everyone in the tower code is now completely breaking up, then the price just negotiated with the Free Federation will not count!

The four pages of instant extinction have always been envious of the income of the Free Federation in the swamp world in recent years.

At the moment when the third page of eternal sin said the words, a black candle suddenly lit in the eyes of the six pages from the thorn.

Purple candle flames danced wickedly.

This scene was not seen by Page Three of Eternal Sin, Page Seven of War and Page Four of Instant Destruction, but it was seen by Page Eight of Death, who had been staring closely at Page Six of Lithorn.

The two black candles were shocked to see the death of the eight pages.

At the first sight of the pair of fire candles, Death Eight Pages couldn't help but feel a sense of being stared at.

It seems that he has become a fish on the chopping board in an instant, and it is his destiny to be slaughtered by others.

Born out of this thought, Eight Pages hurriedly looked away.

However, after instantly extinguishing the four pages and becoming a peacemaker, the pair of candles in the eyes of the six pages immediately disappeared, turning into the original blue-green pupils of the six pages.

At this moment, the angry expression appeared on Li Shi Liu Ye's face again, as if he had become a living person who could think independently.

The eight pages of death have felt the energy fluctuations emanating from the crimson page.

Because the eight pages of death have always been in charge of those spirit statues erected in the courtyard of the island.

Except for the beliefs and rules that were stripped from the statues of spirits, these beliefs and rules were eventually taken away by the second page of revival.

Destiny One Page listened to Fuxing Two Pages very much, so that in a long period of time, all eight pages of death gave birth to a kind of feeling, maybe Fuxing Two Pages is the feeling of Ta Dian talking about people.

In order to please the two pages of death, the eight pages of death once customized a life monument for the two pages of the resurrection with the ability of their own sacred source. The eight pages of death have never told the two pages of the resurrection.

Rather, I want to let the two pages of rejuvenation find out on their own.

After all, it is easier to deepen the relationship between yourself and Fuxing Er if Fuxing Er secretly discovers that his efforts will be easier than if he takes the initiative to show his favor to Fuxing Er. UU reading

However, it is a pity that Fuxing Erye has never taken the initiative to mention this to the death page8.

It stands to reason that after the establishment of the life tablet on the second page of the revival, there will be a reminder of life inside.

The eight pages of apoptosis can judge the next direction of life according to the degree of apoptosis of life.

By pulling away the power of apoptosis to strip away the bad luck that life may encounter.

The life of Reviving the second page is gray, and it always gives the death page eight a feeling of facing the dead.

But the two pages of revival are still alive and real.

Fuxing Erye is so powerful, it cannot be a puppet that has been forcibly given life.

The death page eight thought that the four pages of the instant extinction had done a peacemaker, and this matter would pass like this.

But I didn't expect that the seven pages of war and the three pages of eternal sin would not let go.

"If you don't want to stand on our side, keep your mouth shut!"

"Remain neutral. We are not the enemy."

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