I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week - v2 Chapter 3001 : self-inflicted

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In response, Lin Yi went back to take his fire suit, and then called Ding Fei. After learning the location of the incident, he rushed there immediately.

Because he just left, and Lin Yi's driving skills are very good, he quickly caught up with the fire truck, ready to go out to the police with them.

But after catching up, Lin Yi found something was wrong.

In front of the fire engine, there was a private car that was always blocking the front, and the speed was not fast, which seriously affected the speed of the police.

Moreover, when the fire truck merged onto another road, the private car in front also changed lanes closely, not giving the opportunity to overtake.

"Fuck! What is the private car in front doing!"

Ding Fei cursed, and then dialed Lin Yi's phone.

"Xiao Yi, go over and have a look, hurry up and drive away the private car!"


Even without Ding Fei's advice, Lin Yi knew how to do it. He inserted the car in front and drove side by side with the private car.

"Give way to the car and the fire truck, or you will be held criminally responsible!"

Lin Yi's voice was loud, but the windows of the private car were still closed, and there was no response.

There were two people sitting in the car, both in their thirties, with cigarettes in their mouths, not even wearing seat belts.

"Brother Ma, that person next to him seems to be talking to us."

"I have a fart relationship with him, and I won't let it go. It's really a dog meddling with a mouse."

The person who spoke was named Ma Hongbo, and his usual job was doing odd jobs. If he had money, he would go out to earn a little, and if he had no money, he would stay at home.

What I usually like to do the most is to eat and drink with my friends.

It's fine if you don't drink, but once you drink, it's as if you're the boss of Zhong Hai.

"The problem is that there is a fire engine behind us. We are blocked by others. It's not good."

"Their cars dare to rampage on the street because of their own status. In fact, there is nothing wrong with them." Ma Hongbo said:

"Those who give way are fools, and I don't care about them."

"Haha, Brother Ma is still awesome, ordinary people don't have such courage."

"It's nothing, I'll drive slowly, haha, I'm going to kill them in a hurry."

The two were sitting in the car, smoking cigarettes, completely ignoring the fire truck behind them.

And Lin Yi's shouts did not have any effect.

Lin Yi in the car frowned slightly, feeling that he had met someone who was messed up today.

"Xiao Yi, you are down there, hurry up and think of a way to drive them away." Ding Fei said on the phone.

"I see."

In response, Lin Yi was not ready to reason anymore.

He closed the window, slammed the steering wheel, and slammed into the private car next to him!


The front of the car hit the back seat, Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator, and directly pushed the private car to the side, making way for the fire truck.

"Damn, this is too handsome!"

"It's too relieved, so I have to deal with them like this!"

Lin Yi's actions made the audience around him excited.

It's so cool that it can't be any more cool.

"Brother Fei, you go first, I will take care of the affairs here, and I will meet up with you later." Lin Yi said while holding the phone.

"it is good."

The fire truck passed the customs smoothly, and the people from the third shift glanced at the scene of the accident.

"Xiao Yi's temper is really irritable, and most people don't have such a temper." Zhou Yi said.

"It's normal for young people to be angry." Ding Fei said:

"Write down the license plate number, such a person must be dealt with seriously."

"I have already sent it back, and someone will look for them soon." Ding Fei said.

"Thanks to him following up, otherwise, with our identities and nature, we can't do anything to him even if we are mad." Liu Qingfeng said.

"Who says it's not? We protect the safety of people's property. If it is destroyed, the nature will be different."

"But these people are really stupid, I want to give him a kick."

"Okay, don't talk about this for now, let's prepare well, we will be at the scene soon."

On the other side, Lin Yi had already stepped out of the car.

Ma Hongbo and his companions also came down.

After seeing Lin Yi, Ma Hongbo looked angry.

"Are you **** courting death? How dare you break into my car! If you don't have 100,000 yuan, I'll take one of your legs off!"


Lin Yi raised his leg and kicked Ma Hongbo.

"You two better be honest and try to save a few years of sentence, otherwise you will just wait for the end of the prison."

With a word of warning, Lin Yi returned to his car.

Because of the fine modification, only the bumper is a little sunken, which does not affect the normal driving.

After starting the car, Lin Yi speeded up and rushed to the scene of the accident against the clock.

But at the gate of the community, fire engines were stopped.

Originally, Lin Yi didn't take it seriously, thinking that the security guard would open the door right away.

But after waiting for a few seconds, there was no response, and Ding Fei's roar was even heard.

Realizing that something was wrong, Lin Yi got out of the car in a hurry.

Seeing Ding Fei and the security captain, they had already quarreled.

"Hurry up and open the door, we're going in to fight the fire!"

"We have regulations here that any foreign vehicles are not allowed to enter the community unless there is permission from the property manager."

"Stop talking nonsense, there are other cars in the community!"

"That's our property's car, not a foreign vehicle."

The attitude of the security captain is very annoying.

On his face, there was no anxiety at all, as if the fire not far away had nothing to do with him, it was very indifferent.

"Then you call him, don't you see a fire inside?"

"I called just now, but I couldn't get through, so you just wait here, and I will call me back in a while."

If you are blocked by a private car, whoever makes you angry, then the scene before you will make you angry.

Especially the indifference of the security captain was unbearable.

"We can wait, can the fire wait!"

"I don't care about it. Anyway, we have such a rule. What if I open the door for you privately and get fired?"


"Brother Fei, stop talking nonsense with them, you get in the car first."

Lin Yi pulled Ding Fei, and UU Reading www.uukanshu.com pushed him onto the car.

Then he came to the door guard and deduced the pole in front of him.

"Let's go."

Seeing this scene, the captain of the security team suddenly became angry.

"Do you know what you're doing? Believe it or not, I'll tell you."


Facing Lin Yi's murderous eyes, the security captain was too frightened to speak, and only dared to threaten in a low voice:

"You wait, we will definitely hold you accountable."

"Whatever, I'll just wait."

The fire truck drove in smoothly, and Lin Yi ignored the security captain and rushed to the scene of the fire immediately.

The security captain was so angry that he couldn't speak, but at this moment, one of his men ran over.

"Captain, your car is parked under Building No. 6, hurry up and drive away."

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