I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1116 Compromise

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Chapter 1116 I'm Pretending To Be In The Fantasy World Chapter 1116 Compromise

The Emperor Soul Realm was known to Su Li.

If he pretended to know nothing about this matter, it would be too hypocritical.

When Aozai Dao heard the words, he suddenly became a little nervous: "It is indeed a matter of the Emperor Soul Realm."

Su Li was silent and did not answer immediately.

This matter can be big or small, even if he is Su Li, he can't decide, and he can't decide casually.

Ao Zaidao pondered for a moment, and then said softly: "The matter of the Emperor Soul Realm is actually the follow-up of the cause and effect of this time axis, and it is also a growth direction.

Without the previous growth method, a new growth method is naturally required, and the Emperor Soul Realm is this method.

It's just that you can't get benefits in this way before, and it's really unfair, strictly speaking.

However, the cause and effect of the Emperor Soul Domain this time is related to the outside world, and it can be regarded as a breakthrough and attempt.

On my side, of course, I hope that Su Renhuang can agree, because with your talent and ability, you will get great benefits in the Emperor Soul Realm. There are many advantages to face the world of Heavenly Dao rules.

In fact, according to the current situation, we should still unite and be consistent with the outside world.

Otherwise, it is really a loss of both glory and loss.

This is actually the reason why my Dragon Clan is willing to come forward.

The dragon girl itself is not precious, and the marriage itself is not a humiliation, it can even be said to be a high climb.

But Qin Mo, the two dragon girls, were indeed very precious.

The cultivation of these two people, in fact, Su Renhuang also understands in his heart that the Dragon Clan has really paid a lot.

In addition, those dragon girls who didn't interfere much and didn't pay much price to cultivate, Su Renhuang really didn't like it.

As for the Emperor Soul Realm, after all, these dragons don't have to do it. For the dragons, there are no advantages to success, but only disadvantages if they fail.

But the dragon clan still did it, after all, it was still considered from the general direction.

There was indeed a problem with the timeline, but it has now been fixed. In fact, Renhuang Su has more or less contact with this aspect, and some of them have touched this level. Therefore, Ao Mou also opened the skylight to speak eloquently. "

Ao Zaidao did say some very reassuring words.

Su Li took a deep look at Ao Zaidao and said in deep thought, "In fact, this matter is not something I agree to, I can agree to. Emperor Ao also understands that what I represent is not just me, Su Li."

Ao Zaidao smiled slightly and said, "Of course Ao knows this point, but for now, he just wants to hear the opinions of Renhuang Su and the opinions of Renhuang Su.

If there is no objection from Su Renhuang's side, then the Emperor Soul Realm will be opened, then it will be opened.

If it is turned on...

The connection between the prehistoric royal family and the ancestral land of China may be reopened. "

Su Li pondered a little and paced back and forth, but still did not give an answer.

At this time, he actually had his own judgment, but he did not make a judgment.

It's not indecision, but Su Li still wants to hear Immortal Light Blue's opinion on this kind of thing.

Immortal light blue, which now exists in the system panel, has always accompanied Su Li.

And today's Su Li is actually a very complete Su Li.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing and choosing, Su Li needs to pay attention. Is it to explore more details and thus make concessions and sacrifices, violating some of his own bottom lines?

Or should you continue to maintain your bottom line, not make concessions, and be tough on some things?

If it is the second choice, then it is impossible to complete the search for the background.

Su Li's thoughts moved, and in his meditation, the immortal light blue figure had already condensed.

Just a meditation area, not even a memory exclusion zone or a system panel.

This is similar to a sea of ​​consciousness and a sea of ​​souls, and it is also a kind of derivative ability after Su Li obtained the ability of 'Meditation', and it is also part of the background of the divine calculation.

This kind of meditation, naturally, will not be peeped or penetrated.

"Immortal Light Blue, do you have any opinion on this question?"

Su Li's tone was gentle, and he asked Immortal Light Blue with the voice of the soul.

The projection of the immortal light blue is still unparalleled in beauty, even if the projection stands there, it is still heroic and valiant, and it is still beautiful, like a peerless and independent.

Every time he sees such immortal light blue, Su Li always has a feeling of trembling in his heart, but there is no real trembling in his heart.

But the heartbeat is indescribable.

Immortal light blue did not hesitate, but said directly: "You can agree."

Su Li said: "Then the bottom line should be released with it?"

Immortal light blue said: "You can also release some at the right time. On the one hand, you can transfer the cause and effect of this release to the cause and effect of the 'Lord of Heaven', or you can give it because of the attitude of the other party. If your attitude is good, you A little 'better' here too.

This is a step between each other.

After all, your own personality is an eye for an eye, but also an open-minded person.

Even if you are not the Lord of Heaven, normally, if you agree to the outside world, you are willing to do it.

We are also willing to do this.

No matter how filthy the cesspool is right now, it still sounds like a place to live.

There is no way, if you can't keep it here, then everything that follows will be duckweed in the air.

Appropriate compromises can also better explore the bottom and make better use of Li Juan in reverse.

Don't worry, if you gradually have a 'honeymoon period' with the world of the Great Plane of the Tongtian Tower, Li Juan will destroy or even interfere.

From Li Juan's point of view, she feels that she is the one who has mastered the truth, so she feels that your so-called identity as the Lord of the Dao of Heaven is actually a fake.

Beidi Pavilion

But she only knew part of it but not all, so she would keep this secret instead.

Using these to pull each other, this is the real key to our bottom line.

After the Emperor Soul Realm is opened, a part of Soul Clan karma can be introduced.

At that time, the cause and effect of some small worlds will appear again. "

Immortal light blue gives a very detailed response.

In fact, these are also some of Su Li's thoughts, but a temporary compromise - Su Li is still a little hesitant.

The scary thing about this world is that a temporary compromise can lead to a complete compromise.

The former rogues clearly demonstrated this to the fullest.

Even Li Juan is actually like this.

Therefore, if there is any difference in this, most of them are really difficult to turn over.

In addition, Hua Qiudao did not compromise and died.

And the other few are temporary compromises or permanent compromises?

Whether it is or not, Su Li can no longer trust them, so invisibly, a 'gap' has been formed.

And he Su Li, Su Renhuang, if he compromises temporarily, once the matter is exposed, can he bear this 'sin' before the truth can be announced?

At that time, if part of the truth is exposed and surrenders as a human emperor, what will the people of the Huaxia Ancestral Land think?

Poke his spine and scold him for betraying his ancestors for glory?

Once people's hearts are lost, it will be really difficult to get them back.

In particular, in the early stage, he did such a 'great brilliance'.

These are all places that Su Li is very concerned about, and it is also the same that he has negotiated with Immortal Light Blue.

While Su Li pondered, he passed the information to Immortal Light Lan about his concerns.

Immortal light blue heard the words, but the phantom solidified a lot.

She stared at Su Li quietly and said softly, "Su Li, do you remember the poem "Bamboo Stone"?"

Su Li replied while meditating: "I firmly believe that the Qingshan will not relax, and its roots are in the broken rock. It is still strong after thousands of hardships, and it will let Er wind from east, west, south and north."

Immortal light blue said again: "What about "The Wall in Prison"? Tan Sitong's."

Su Li said: "There are two versions.

The first version is: look at the door to stop thinking about Zhang Jian, and wait for Dugan for a moment. I smiled to the sky from the horizontal knife, and left the two Kunluns with my liver and gallbladder.

The second version is: looking at the door to pity Zhang Jian, and directly admonishing Chen Shu to be ashamed of Du Gen. He threw the European knife in his hand and smiled at the sky, leaving the general to be guilty of the crime for posterity. "

Immortal light blue sighed: "If the heart is there, the dream is there. Your concerns are indeed appropriate, because your Taoism is to live in the moment.

The words and deeds at the moment naturally need to be very careful and cautious.

Caution and trial and error are inherently conflicting and contradictory.

But there is a premise of this - there is a chance of reversal.

To make some small concessions and sacrifices for a big opportunity is contrary to Taoism, but it is compatible with Datong.

The first version of "The Wall in Prison" tells about the hope that Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, who were forced to flee, could be protected by people like Zhang Jian when they stayed in the escape. I hope that my comrades-in-arms can wait to the death like Dugan to complete the great cause of reform and reform.

I looked up to the sky and laughed, and Kang died, because those who left and those who stayed were sincere and upright, as majestic as the Kunlun Mountains.

The second version focuses on the theory of later generations of merit and sin.

Are these important?

The rise and fall, everyone is responsible.

However, the average person is still responsible, so why should we cherish this body to serve our country? "

The words of immortal light blue are firm and resonant.

Immortal Light Blue at this moment, like a heroine in a heroine, with a valiant appearance, made Su Li quite shocked - he seemed to see such a radical side of Immortal Light Blue for the first time.

"Immortal light blue, I don't care about my death in order to be loyal to the ancestral land of China, but what I worry about is that after the Dao line has retreated, once it is penetrated and destroyed, it will lose part of the authority of the emperor and disappoint the clansmen. A dark day, who can support.

I know you can, but I don't want you to support it. "

Su Li spoke silently.

As he said that, he said softly: "When you know that the weapon is full, it will fall, and you must know that the extreme will be reversed. If you do this, take a step back. It seems like a small step, but in fact it is a huge ocean."

Immortal Light Blue was silent for a while, then sighed softly and said, "I wouldn't say this, but since you have already considered this aspect, then—in fact, the dark sky has been supported all the time.

Man, you actually knew it all along. "

Hearing this, Su Li felt a pain in his heart.

Su Li's voice trembled slightly: "Mei'er? Yuxi? Which one of them?"

Immortal light blue said softly: "Mei'er, when the first round of karma ends, her past and your past will be cut off. And only in this way can you and her future be reopened."

Su Li was silent for a while, without speaking.

Immortal light blue said again: "So, you don't have to worry about being infiltrated, and you don't have to worry that you can't bear it, the Taoist line is intercepted, or something changes.

In this world, there have been people who have been moving forward with heavy loads.

In addition, it is not that I am radical, but that we must break through the world of big talk and the world of white snakes at the fastest speed.

And in order to show these things and open the entrance, you must win the Emperor Soul Realm.

Compromise, this time is inevitable.

The reason why I don't say it, I just don't want you to be under pressure, I don't want you to feel that you are forced to back down.

It's just that you think more comprehensively and deeply than I imagined, so this information cannot be withheld from you. "

Su Li's heart was greatly impacted.

"A big talk about the world, is it a big talk about Journey to the West?"

Su Li knew the answer, but still asked in a trembling voice.

Immortal Light Blue nodded and said: "It's the Westward Journey, the Moonlight Treasure Box is the core penetration point of the previous system, so this point, after the timeline is repaired, will definitely be reopened.

By the time……"

When that happens, Immortal Light Blue has not clearly stated.

But Su Li knew how to deal with it.

It's just because, if the Dahua world is re-condensed, then this moonlight treasure box, and even the space-time in the Dahua world, is the most explosive cause and effect.

This thing, its terrifying level, will be unimaginable!

Even, it is very likely that the Moonlight Treasure Box will appear this time in a more comprehensive and powerful way, even in a way that contains a time axis.

Big talk, monkey.

If this world is established, then Hu Chen will have a very terrifying background, which will be even more terrifying than the perfect world of Shushan!

"Okay, I see. Immortal Light Blue, thank you for telling me this truth."

Su responded in a heartbeat, with a much more awe-inspiring tone.

Immortal light blue replied softly: "Actually, we don't want you to deal with this so quickly."

Su Li responded with a sigh.

Immortal light blue said: "At present, what we can be sure of here is that Li Juan is building a mysterious layout again, I don't know what it is for harvesting, and it has not penetrated yet.

And Hu Chen also intercepted a lot of information because of the completion of the real-time update, and continues to transform.

There is also the Emperor Soul Realm, which also has huge changes and many variables.

At this point in time, it is necessary for you to properly 'co-operate' with the world of the Heavenly Dao rule world of the Great Plane of the Tower of Heaven.

Of course, it is of great significance to fully grasp the strategy.

In this regard, in fact, in most cases, your judgment is not a problem. "

Su Li said: "Then I will use this state and cause and effect to deal with the next many things. If there is a deviation, you can give some reminders at the critical moment, Immortal Light Blue."

Immortal light blue said: "Of course. For example, this time, even if you don't ask me, I will remind you appropriately."

Su gradually calmed down in his heart.

Immediately, he dissipated his meditation.

The beautiful projection in meditation quickly dissipated.

This scene seems to have happened for a long time, but in fact, it is just a thought.

Su Li came back to his senses, and when he looked at Ao Zaidao again, Su Li nodded slightly, and his eyes gradually became firmer: "Although I don't really like the cause and effect of the Emperor Soul Realm, I don't even like it. is somewhat disgusting.

After all, it was filled with too much sin and blood, too much darkness and stench.

Even the dross of the Zerg is constantly rippling in it.

But as Ao Huang you said, one glory and one glory, one loss and one loss.

In the final analysis, the citizens of the world of Heavenly Dao, the Great Plane of Tongtian Tower, are not guilty even if they are guilty.

I agreed to this.

I am willing to accept this position.

Of course, I also hope that the traction and the corresponding cause and effect of the Chinese ancestral land should also be completely handed over to me.

As the emperor of China's ancestral land, to seek some benefits for them, I think this is what I should and must do. "

Su Li put forward conditions.

Ao Zaidao heard the words, but instead showed a look of embarrassment.

"In the Ancestral Land of China, there are three forces intervening, but in this regard, it is not easy for me to promise Su Renhuang.

On the one hand, it is Emperor Ying who is under the command of the Heavenly Dao Rule World, the Great Plane of Tongtian Tower, who is in charge of some reincarnation authority.

On the one hand, it is the ancestral land of Hongmeng.

In the ancestral land of Hongmeng, there is the incomparably powerful Emperor of the Three Purities. "

"Also, the prehistoric mythological world system has a lot of control over the ancestral land of China. Maybe it hasn't been shown now, but it can't be ignored."

"In addition to these three parties, there are the Guixu Royal Family and the Wind Family Royal Family, which are also authorized~www.novelbuddy.com~ and the Soul Town Hall, and... some special forces from the small world have been promoted. ."

"It's all very complicated."

Ao Zaidao hesitated a little and gave a very detailed response.

Su Li pondered a little, and said, "What is the existence of the emperor of the three cleanliness? The primordial spirit of the three cleanliness? Ghost? Xiyi?"

Hearing the words, Ao Zaidao's face changed slightly, and then he smiled bitterly: "Su Renhuang, the emperor of Sanqing... is a special ghost similar to the emperor's soul. The so-called 'ghost' and so on are somewhat very strange. Disrespectful. That's... not appropriate, a little rude."

Ao Zaidao's words were still very euphemistic.

If this is what ordinary people say about the 'Ghost of Sanqing', then he will really teach him a lesson - it's not that he maintains the ghost of Sanqing, but that he doesn't want to provoke these things and really can't afford to provoke them.

Hearing this, Su Li sneered and said, "I am the Emperor Su, no matter what I say, they have to listen. This is not my expansion, but the honor and inferiority in the Chinese Taoist lineage, which is itself.

A group of lonely and wild ghosts dare to call themselves the emperor of the Three Purities? It's like a mayfly shaking a big tree, it's ridiculous! "

Su Li's series of words showed that his attitude was extremely strong.

Just saying that, I almost scared Ao Zaidao's legs to go weak - good guy, is this Su Renhuang so stubborn?

If you don't like the Emperor of Sanqing, you can't be so direct.

You Su Renhuang are not afraid or worried, we are worried that we are afraid!

Ao Zaidao's face brightened.

The four old dragon emperors were even more pale, and then immediately blocked the six senses, not listening, not seeing, not touching, and not participating in such terrifying topics. +Bookmark+

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