I Kidnapped the Timeline - Chapter 635 dawn city

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"Boss, you are finally gaining weight!"


Accompanied by an indistinct cry, Xiaoyou galloped towards him at an extremely fast speed and crashed headfirst into his arms.

The moment he caught Xiaoyou, Feng Qi subconsciously looked down, only to see Xiaoyou buried his head in his chest, and refused to raise his head.

Stretching out his hand and rubbing Xiaoyou's head, a smile appeared on Fengqi's face:

"Xiaoyou, why do you feel like you haven't grown up much, maybe eating snacks caused malnutrition."

Facing his inquiry, Xiaoyou slowly raised his head, revealing his tearful eyes, his mouth still trembling uncontrollably:

"Boss, I miss you so much."

"I miss you as well."

[Bah, for Xiaoyou, you disappeared for a long time, but for you, it was closing and opening your eyes, and then seeing Xiaoyou again, you want to be a fart, open your eyes and talk nonsense, it belongs to you The most outrageous. 】

Ignoring the narration's complaints, Feng Qi tried to pull Xiaoyou from his chest, but found that Xiaoyou didn't want to let go at all.

Rubbing Xiaoyou's head, he continued to ask:

"Xiaoyou, did you grow up well when I was away?" "Yes, I have several sit-ups and push-ups every day, and my body is getting stronger and stronger."

[Good guy, there is a high probability that Xiaoyou can count several of them on one hand. For example, bending over when getting up every day counts as a sit-up, hahahaha. 】

The narration's complaints were exactly what Feng Qi had in mind.

Xiaoyou blurred the exact number, which proved that she must have not grown up well, or was eating and drinking all day long.

It seemed that Feng Qi didn't believe it. In order to prove herself, Xiao You started to lift her sleeves, trying to show her flat muscles, but was held down by Feng Qi.

"I believe, I believe."

While feeling helpless, he stepped over the energy barrier and walked towards the city of Daybreak.

After entering Daybreak City, he could clearly perceive that the aura content in the air had increased significantly, and he could even see the golden aura floating in the air with the naked eye.

Looking forward, it is a main road leading to the city. The main road is light blue and translucent, and the psionic pipeline buried under the main road can be seen, and colored liquid energy is flowing inside.

What surprised Feng Qi was that any building on both sides of the main road with his naked eyes would have a corresponding virtual panel projected into his pupils.

For example, he looked at a shop next to the main road, and suddenly the cylindrical instrument above the shop automatically locked his eyes and projected a message.

This piece of information is like smoke in the eyes, and a lot of words appear on it, as if it will disperse at any time.

【Luming Lingzhi Store】:

Coordinate location: Poxiao City—Eastern District—Shop No. 8 at the gate of the city.

Shop Items: Sell 1-10 grade spiritual plants, you can order high-level spiritual plants in advance (supplied in small quantities from time to time), and you can also connect with pharmacists to provide medicine refining services.

Owner: Lu Ye (veteran)

Ownership of the store: Dawn City—city management department. Remaining lease term: 28 years (renewable at maturity)...

Turning his gaze to the shop on the other side, the cylindrical instrument suspended above the shop also projected relevant information.

【Rebirth convalescence room】:

Coordinate location: Poxiao City—Eastern District—Shop No. 13 at the gate of the city. Store service content: Provide all-round recuperation and growth potential development services for the body. The owner graduated from Lingdong University with a major in blood potential development.

Owner: Li Yunmen (109 years old) (Retired from Bloodline Potential Research Institute)

Ownership of the store: Dawn City—city management department. Remaining lease period: 8 years (renewable upon expiration)


When the line of sight sweeps to any store, relevant information will be projected into his eyes in real time.

This technology is not part of the construction plan of his original design architecture.

Apparently in the part where he left

At that time, in order to make the operation of the city more efficient, human geniuses developed this kind of architectural auxiliary equipment that can follow and lock eyeballs and project information. This made him feel very relieved.

Although the early development structure of Dawn City was designed and planned by him, history has proved that there will always be many unexpected surprises in the development of the human race.

"Boss, there is a spirit beast shop there, and their spirit steamed meat is very delicious, do you want to try it!"

At this time, Xiaoyou pointed to a shop on the side of the city gate, and recommended it with an expectant expression.

Hearing these words, Feng Qi shook his head helplessly.

It is still unknown when Xiao Hei will come. He must meet Zhang Daowen as soon as possible while he still has time, and then learn about the future through Zhang Daowen.

"Boss still has something to do, next time will be sure." "Okay."

When Xiaoyou heard this, she lowered her head and began to hit Fengqi's chest feebly one after another, expressing her unhappiness in this way.

"Xiaoyou, tell me about this city." Feng Qi changed the subject at this moment.

When Xiaoyou heard this, the unhappiness in her mind was swept away, and she introduced the buildings along the way with a proud face.

Not surprisingly, what Xiaoyou introduced were all shops related to food.

It can be said that Xiaoyou has patronized all the shops on this street, and he knows which shops have delicious food and which shops have almost tasteless food.

When he asked about the layout of Lixiao City, Xiaoyou's head suddenly froze, and he frowned and began to think hard. Finally, he sighed regretfully, and began to talk about him, and continued to introduce the food.

Realizing that Xiaoyou couldn't bring any useful information, Feng Qi turned to look at the accompanying defenders and asked about the situation of Xiaoyou City.

Facing the questioning, the defenders of the city looked nervous, and then introduced the situation of Xiaoxiao City.

According to his introduction, Feng Qi learned that the current Dawn City is divided into five major regions.

They are the central Xingcheng District, the Northern Winter District, the Eastern Victory District, the Western Elven District, and the Southern Union District.

The urban layout followed the plan he originally designed and planned.

Now the central Xingcheng District is assigned to the residents and fighters who moved from Xingcheng, and it is the core area of ​​Dawn City.

Secondly, the North District of Cold Winter was assigned to the residents and soldiers who moved from Cold Winter City.

According to the original plan, the Eastern Victory Zone will accommodate the relocated Terran residents from Victory City. However, since this timeline has not touched Victory City, the area connected to Victory City is now occupied by domain fields without any connection. The area has been changed into a service and commercial complex, which is the most prosperous commercial area in Star City.

Then there's the West Elven District.

This area belongs to the members of the human race brought from the Elf City in the Central District.

After the destruction of the elf city, they lived without a fixed place. They came to Dawn City through a teleportation device and became residents here.

However, due to the death of the Elf King, the elf growth system disappeared, and the humans in the western elf area have begun to get in touch with the cultivation system, and now they have fully integrated into the environment of Daybreak City.

In order to assist the growth of humans in the Central District, Leaking Dawn and Star City Academy will give some special recruitment places to the residents of the Elf District every year to help them adapt to the cultivation system faster and accelerate the growth of blood potential.

But the main growth direction of humans in the Elven Region is not in the cultivation system.

Although Daybreak City has many support policies for the residents of the Elf District, the residents of the Elf District think that if they stubbornly follow the cultivation and growth system, they will only become a burden to the development of Daybreak City.

After all, cultivation requires resources, and the growth of blood requires a relay from generation to generation.

Residents of the Western Elven District have been in contact with the cultivation system for too short a time, and it is by no means possible to improve their bloodline potential in a short period of time, so most residents of the Elf District have chosen architecture, spiritual beasts, spiritual planting, and other research directions , to assist other regions to jointly build Dawn City through mental work.

In the original plan, the final Southern Union District will be allocated to Future City and Old City to form a joint district.

But the future city was already destroyed in the early days of the dawn year, and the old city was under the control of the black and mysterious faction psionic clan

Under the circumstances, this timeline has not been added to Daybreak City, so the Southern United District has been transformed into an industrial zone, and institutions such as the Psionic Research Institute have basically settled in this area.

In addition to the early planning content of Dawn City, Dawn City also introduced many technologies from Destiny City for urban construction.

The spirit beast system acquired by Destiny City is now also an important part of Daybreak City.

One of the reasons why the spirit beast system could not fully develop in the Star City period

One is that the construction of Star City has been completed, and there is no contact with spirit beasts at all.

The supporting facility system has made it difficult to breed many large spirit beasts, and ordinary people will basically not come into contact with those large spirit beasts.

But Dawn City is different. The construction of supporting facilities has already started at the beginning of its construction.

In addition to the spirit beast store, even each residential area has created a living environment area for different spirit beasts.

For example, community lakes suitable for water-attributed spirit beasts, etc.

All kinds of spirit beasts will not have any inconvenience living in Daybreak City. Compared with Star City, Daybreak City is more inclusive.

Afterwards, the city defenders introduced a large number of functional buildings of the cultivation system in the dawn city.

These functional buildings are basically jointly built by the human race and the Silver Moon Clan, among which the engineering technology of the Silver Moon Clan has made great contributions to the construction of Daybreak City.

In just a few kilometers, Feng Qi saw two cultivation system buildings.

One is a giant platform as huge as a mountain. Above the platform is a huge rhombus-shaped white crystal. The name of this building is the patron saint.

The specific function is to release energy mist. When the released mist is connected with the energy mist released by the patron saints in other parts of the city, it will form an energy barrier covering the entire Xiaoxiao City, allowing Xiaoxiao City to respond to external attacks at any time. Daybreak City is a world of its own.

According to the introduction of the city defenders, there are 208 patron saints in the dawn city, and hundreds of them are under construction.

All the patron saint foundations are connected to the energy rails that run through the entire city, supplying the energy consumption required for operation 24 hours a day.

The always-on patron saint consumes a lot of energy. Fortunately, the Silver Moon Clan designed an energy cycle device for Daybreak City, allowing 80% of the consumed energy to be reabsorbed and used, reducing energy consumption by a lot.

Another building I saw along the way was the Meteorological Tower. This is a huge white tower with a height of 108 meters. It was originally an urban weather regulation system built with reference to the weather tree in the Elven City.

Under the shroud of the patron saint, there is no clear change of seasons in the city, and it is in a state of isolation.

The energy consumption inside the city can generate huge amounts of heat every day. Without the regulation of the city's meteorological tower, the inside is like a steamer, which is not suitable for human survival at all.

With weather towers, these problems don't exist.

In addition to adjusting the internal temperature, the meteorological tower can also simulate the changes of the four seasons, making the internal environment more suitable for human survival.

There are more than a thousand meteorological towers in the dawn city, many of which are used in spiritual cultivation areas such as spiritual fields.

Many spiritual plants need to grow in a specific environment,

The weather tower can solve this problem by simulating temperature and humidity

And other conditions, in a specific area to create an environment for the growth of spiritual plants.

The patron saints and meteorological towers seen along the way are just the basic training system buildings in the dawn city.

Under the guidance of the city guards, they soon saw another building of the cultivation system.

The shape of this cultivation system building is very distinctive. The base is an unremarkable cube, covering an area of ​​800 square meters, surrounded by countless physical energy **** of different colors, which are always in a state of operation.

Around this building is a small square, and there are many human figures sitting cross-legged and practicing near the square.

According to the introduction of the city defenders, the building of this cultivation system is called Element Aggregation, and its function is to capture the elemental power of different attributes in the air and confine it in the space of the small square.

Basically, those who practice here are

It is a magic fighter who chooses magic as the main growth route. Practicing here can strengthen their affinity for elements and achieve a stronger control over the elements.

This type of building is called a practice building in the city of Xiaoxiao, and buildings such as the weather tower and the patron saint are called functional buildings, which are the two major categories of buildings that practice the functional system.

Through the introduction of the city defenders, Feng Qi has a preliminary understanding of the city of dawn.

They did not proceed on foot the rest of the way.

Following the defenders of the city to an underground entrance, Feng Qi saw the main means of transportation in the dawn city "Energy Rail Car".

Dawn City is extremely large, and it takes 1-2 days to reach the destination by ordinary maglev vehicles between districts. In order to ensure the efficiency of traffic, each area of ​​Dawn City has built underground energy rail vehicles. This type of facility is similar to It is the subway in the early stage of the catastrophe, but the moving speed is dozens of times faster than the subway.

Taking the energy rail car, they arrived at their destination, the central area of ​​Dawn City, in just one hour.

Following the passage to the surface, what Feng Qi saw was an incomparably prosperous future scene.

The crowds in the square ahead are endless, besides human beings, there are spirit beasts of various shapes following them, and their eyes turn to the sky, where countless flying spirit beasts and maglev vehicles shuttle back and forth, looking forward along the bright lights, it is a towering future architecture.

That's when he noticed a little boy casting a spell.

The little boy held his mother's hand with his left hand, and formed a seal with his right hand, and then a ball of flames spewed out from his palm, but the flames fell on the ground without burning marks on the ground, and were absorbed by the ground in the blink of an eye, becoming the energy for the city's operation a part of.

Feng Qi was a little surprised to see this scene.

When he first planned the construction plan of Daybreak City, he believed that Daybreak City must have a very strong supporting defense system.

The former reinforced concrete buildings are difficult for ordinary people to break

Bad ~www.novelbuddy.com~ But to practitioners, it is as fragile as tofu, and will accompany you in the future

With the improvement of human physical fitness, this problem will become more and more obvious, which requires all buildings in the entire city to have extremely strong bearing capacity.

Now it seems that the idea he put forward was applied in the construction of Daybreak City, and a system of energy absorption and conversion was developed.

Looking at the bustling scene in front of him, Feng Qi was suddenly moved.

How many times have I imagined that what I saw when I opened my eyes was no longer the end of the world, but a bustling human city.

For this reason, he has worked hard countless times, trying to change the reality of the predicament.

At this moment, it seems like a dream has come true.

At this moment, a mean voice broke Feng Qi's inner emotion.

[Don't be hypocritical, don't forget that Mo Yue's invasion has not yet come, the final battle will come sooner or later, the prosperity in front of you is nothing more than a dream, it's time to move! 】

The narration is very sharp, but Feng Qi understands that what the narration says is the truth.

Seemingly aware of his emotional changes, Xiaoyou, who was lying on her chest, raised her head and asked curiously:

"Boss, what's wrong with you?"

"It's okay, I was bitten by a dog."

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