I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - v2 Chapter 1116 Taboo dolls!

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"What a big formation!"

At the end of the labyrinth wall, an old man was leading a little girl, standing outside the gate of the grand hall.

"Counting it all together, this is the fourth temple in the first temple of sin."

"I don't know, this hall of crimes is not very vast from the outside, but there is a lot of space inside, and there are countless side halls...Little baby, don't you think so?"

Jiang Buyi watched the palace gate sealed by the formation for a while, then looked back at the little girl beside him.

This is a very special existence. After Jiang Buyi and the Five Decays of Heaven and Man were separated due to the space disorder of the Hall of Sin, they met this little girl.

She can't speak, and she can't act on her own, and she looks even less threatening, like a doll, and her cultivation is only at the Throne Dao Realm by visual inspection.

However, his physique is very special, the inner life level is so high and the quality is so strong that even Jiang Buyi is moved.

Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, Jiang Buyi could vaguely sense the power of the world in this little puppet girl.

How terrible is this? !

Jiang Buyi has encountered too many incredible people and things in the Void Island.

There are sword celestial beings who can kill half-holy beings, five decaying celestial beings with decaying bodies, and Teng Shanhai who has conceived the power of demon gods... It can be said that there are no mortals who can enter the void island.

And the current situation I am in is the Hall of Sin, one of the nine great Jedi on Void Island.

In such a place, Jiang Buyi never thought that there would be a weak, ordinary little girl.

If so, this little girl would not even be able to resist the Jedi attribute of the Hall of Sin, she would have been drained of her vitality and died long ago.

So, or she is a special existence, similar to Teng Shanhai, whose combat power soared after awakening the power of the demon god.

Otherwise, she is a taboo puppet hidden in the Temple of Sin. Once a special mystery is triggered, she will completely wake up and kill wildly.

"Still the old way, okay?"

Jiang Buyi bent down gently, handed over a key containing special power, and looked at the little girl whose face was so pale that there was no trace of blood.

He never forgot that he had only a few chances to make calls, so when the little girl stared at him like a curse and chose to follow him all the way, he dared not refuse.

Just as he was wary of the five decays of heaven and man, he was always on guard against the strange behavior that the little girl might have.

After finding out that there was none, he tried to use the little girl's power.

For example, through her spirit element, with the help of her own "array breaking key", she can open the seals of the spirit formations in the halls of all parties.

In this way, you can reduce the number of shots you have to make, and you can also enter the palace to explore and find the "Exemption Order", which is a good way.

Like the previous few times, Jiang Buyi saw the puppet-like little girl nodding lightly and took the key as if she was not born to refuse.

Mu Zixi is panicking now! Very flustered!

I was even more panicked than when I secretly filmed Xu Xiaoshou moaning and was thrown into a cauldron to boil medicine after being discovered!

A while ago he was still following the three bodyguards, but in the next second the space was chaotic, and there was only one grandfather left beside him.

If this old man is Mr. Siren, that's okay, at least his safety is guaranteed.

However, when he looked up, the dusty memories in his mind were opened, and what Mu Zixi saw was the picture of the old man tearing up the elders of the clan when he was at Lei's house.

Jiang Buyi!

Her heartbeat stopped immediately, blood flowed backwards all over her body, her face was as pale as a corpse that had been dead for ten days.

Once upon a time, Mu Zixi asked his senior brother such a question: "How did you manage to pretend to be so calm and not panic in front of so many masters? Are you born to pretend?"

"I'm panicking!" Xu Xiaoshou answered her like this at the time, "But what can I do to panic? You can only imagine that you are a person who is worse than them. Big watermelons, you can crush them with one finger."

Mu Zixi felt that this answer was too far-fetched, but she curled her lips and did not feel ashamed to ask.

, "In that case, what do you need to do to save your life?"

"Interrupt when others speak, and ask back when others ask a question. In short, you can't answer, don't play cards logically, and don't give people the appearance of being controlled by others. You must hold the right to speak and dominate the scene , clearly know what result you want, and guide you without leaving traces." The stinky Xu Xiaoshou talked eloquently.

"Understood." Mu Zixi was thoughtful.

Xu Xiaoshou said again: "But if it's you, you don't have to think about it. If I'm not by your side, you just wait for death. After all, you understand what I said, and you can't do it at all."

Mu Zixi still remembered that as soon as these words came out, his head was immediately supported.

But the consequences were unexpected, no one who punched and kicked himself could beat this damned Xu Xiaoshou.

"What if I really encounter this extreme situation?" Finally Mu Zixi asked again.

"The scoring situation depends on various situations such as weather, location, and harmony." The cheap Xu Xiaoshou laughed, "To put it simply, if the opponent is a stupid person, it doesn't matter what you do, you just wait until you die." Okay, but if it's a smart guy..."

"What's wrong with smart people?"

"Then just keep silent, don't do anything, don't say anything, this is the best way to save your life, you just need to pretend to be deep and let them think wildly."

"Can this work?"

"It's useful! Thieves are useful! Smart people always like to think wildly. When they don't understand or don't understand, their first reaction is always to overestimate the other party, thinking that they are actually wise and stupid. After all, it is right to treat troubles with caution. Smart people are always careful. cautious."

Mu Zixi was thoughtful again.

She felt that what Xu Xiaoshou said was all nonsense, but it seemed to make sense.

He vaguely felt that Xu Xiaoshou seemed to hurt himself with this sentence, but he couldn't figure out where it hurt.

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed her head happily, and sighed: "Great wisdom is like a fool, this is a brilliant state, some people need a lifetime to cultivate to this level, you are different..."

"What's different about me?" Mu Zixi's eyes lit up at that moment, feeling that his senior brother was complimenting him next.

Sure enough, Xu Xiao received a lot of praise, and made no secret of his appreciation and recognition of his cute little junior sister, "You were born to master this realm!"

Mu Zixi, who came to his senses after a day later, had already forgotten what happened next. Anyway, he must have defeated Xu Xiaoshou instead of being used to refine alchemy.

Now she is only thankful that she once asked Xu Xiaoshou this question.

At the same time, Mu Zixi pretended to be Xu Xiaoshou, thinking about the problem from Xu Xiaoshou's point of view, to fool Yi, and then she was killed by Yi.

Now Mu Zixi has learned a lot from a pitfall, facing Jiang Buyi who "must be a smart person", she chooses the second life-saving method that Xu Xiaoshou told her.

Unexpectedly, the method worked.

Jiang Buyi asked her what, but she didn't answer.

Jiang Buyi chatted with her, but she ignored him.

Jiang Buyi wanted to kill her, and even released the semi-holy pressure. She stared at Jiang Buyi with blank eyes, and then released the semi-holy power.

Jiang Buyi was so frightened that he stopped again and again, and called himself "little ancestor" in a good voice, how humble!

He didn't dare to mess around anymore, and finally chose to leave.

Mu Zixi was afraid that this was a temptation, afraid that he would reveal something when he was alone, but when he turned around, Jiang Buyi had been staring at him, and then found the clue, and killed himself.

Or as soon as Jiang Buyi left, he encountered another accident.

In short, she didn't dare to let Jiang Buyi, the scourge, go away. She could only grit her teeth, enduring her fear and imagining herself as a piece of dog skin plaster, and then glued Jiang Buyi, a big watermelon, on it as a bodyguard. Jiang Buyi left and was followed, he was furious and wanted to attack again.

Mu Zixi just stared at him, his eyes were empty, and he stared at him calmly, without any murderous look in his eyes. Jiang Buyi called her "auntie" and persuaded her to leave, but got no response

, and half-discussed, half-tested proposal to walk together.

Mu Zixi finally reacted, with a little head.

Jiang Buyi's face turned pale for a moment, then took a long breath, turned and left.

Mu Zixi didn't understand why Jiang Buyi breathed in.

Mu Zixi didn't understand why he called himself "Little Ancestor" and "Auntie".

But Mu Zixi remembers another wave of teaching from his senior brother, he said, "When something works in a strange way, you should stop interfering and changing it forcibly, and just follow the result." Mu Zixi didn't understand why.

At that time, she sneered at this wave of "teaching" by her senior brother, and she couldn't even arouse interest in asking why, because these words were simply nonsense!

Now, she regards it as a valuable experience and practices it with her life.

"Shoubao, come and save me, I'm really dying, woo woo woo..."

Mu Zixi, who was mourning in his heart but calmed like a puppet, took the key from Jiang Buyi in a very dull manner, injected the spirit energy with ease, and inserted it into the spirit formation in the hall in front of him. "Zhenhuang Palace!"

Without moving his eyes, with a sweep of his spiritual thoughts, Mu Zixi remembered the name of this hall.

She also doesn't know what is the use of memorizing these things, but this is the only thing she can take the initiative to do at present. It may not be meaningful, but it is very meaningful.

Jiang Buyi is very capable!

Following Xu Xiaoshou, Mr. Jiren, Senior Brother Sanyue Xiancheng and the others, Mu Zixi knew that these three were still trapped in the maze and could not find their way.

But follow Jiang Buyi...

In just one day, Jiang Buyi did not know how to get out of the maze many times. Even the main hall, counting the one in front of me, is the fourth one I have encountered.

Mu Zixi also remembered the names of the first three halls: "Wuxu Hall", "Feiyuan Hall", and "Queming Hall". Compared with the current "Zhenhuang Temple", Mu Zixi felt that what he did was very meaningless but forcibly gave it meaning—remembering the name, became really meaningful.

She found a difference.

The suffix of the first three halls is "hall", while the suffix of the current hall is "temple".

This is the difference visible to the naked eye! Historic breakthrough! Very significant!

It's just that Mu Zixi couldn't figure out what inner meaning this self-realized meaning had. Jiang Buyi seemed to be looking for something.

But he was very cautious, allowing himself to open the spirit array, and after entering every hall, he was not tempted by the treasures at all, and would not take anything.

He was like an idle tourist, he went into the hall and wandered around, and when he found that there was nothing he wanted, he went to

After retreating, he politely restored the spirit array to its original appearance, which was far from the one in the memory of the old man tearing up his tears.

This point, compared with Xu Xiaoshou, is also two extremes!

Mu Zixi could even imagine that if Xu Xiaoshou entered the first three halls, there might not even be plaques left in that hall.

The gold edge engraved on the plaque may be picked out by him to find "meaning"—why is it inlaid with gold edge, does it have any special meaning, will breaking this mechanism get rewards and treasures?

Thoughts were racing through his mind, but Mu Zixi didn't dare to stop his movements.

This "Key of Breaking the Formation" comes from Jiang Buyi, it is of high quality and may have reached the holy rank.

In short, even the seals of the spirit formations of various side halls in ancient halls like the First Hall of Sin can be opened with a spoonful, but it requires a lot of spiritual energy to be injected.

Fortunately, Mu Zixi lacked everything, not spirit energy.

She drew the power of the small world of the White Cave, even if she used this key to drain a normal throne realm, it would not consume much for her.

Jiang Buyi waited quietly by the side, without the slightest bit of impatience, even though the little girl in front of her was injecting spirit essence into the key very slowly.

This taboo doll also has this benefit.

When you can't make a move, use it to replace yourself and become a special spirit release machine.

Well, her spiritual energy is endless, which is the same as the unknown in the Temple of Sin.

Like, it's really weird! Jiang Buyi didn't dare to provoke this little girl at all, he is most afraid of accidents now, after all, there are five declines in front of heaven and man. After getting rid of the decaying body, Jiang Buyi made up his mind to find the "Exemption Order", and he will not break any weirdness as long as it can run in a smooth way.

Even if it comes from the Temple of Sin, the form of expression is a taboo puppet.


The spirit array split.

Not long after, the injection of spirit yuan was completed.

Mu Zixi felt that as long as he twisted the key in his hand, the big formation in front of him would be the same as the previous three experiences, opening a door for three people to pass through, allowing people to enter.

She didn't ask for instructions, let alone look back, she turned the key in her hand calmly and twisted it lightly.


Suddenly there was a violent explosion in the distance, a strong sense of catastrophe came from under the sky, and air waves surged from the surrounding broken space, sweeping across the place.


Mu Zixi didn't dare to resist, and didn't even use his spiritual energy. Swept by this raging storm, his small body was thrown into the air and hit the ground heavily, spitting blood.

Fortunately, the storm was blocked by the maze wall and had been weakened by several layers. Mu Zixi's injury was not serious, but his **** hurt a little, and his internal organs spasmed.

But with the strong vitality in his body, this is considered a minor injury.

"Holy Tribulation?"

Jiang Buyi looked back suddenly, his pupils shrank suddenly, "Who dares to pass the catastrophe and become a saint here? Is he crazy?" There was also a trace of sword intent mixed in the breath of the holy catastrophe, which was not very obvious, and passed through the barriers of the Hall of Sin layer weakened.

But Jiang Buyi is an ordinary person, he can still see it.

"Sword Intent, Canonization..."

All of a sudden, what happened to Miracle Forest flooded his mind, Jiang Buyi was puzzled, "Mei is a man?"

Not long after the Holy Tribulation landed, Jiang Buyi felt the aura of being half-holy from afar.

Youdao's icy semi-holy aura broke through the maze wall from the left at an extreme speed, and rushed to the other side without fear of death, smashing countless obstacles, as if he didn't care whether his actions would trigger a Jedi-attributed attack ,punish.

And after that, the sword intent aura containing semi-holy catastrophe became more and more obvious, and he pursued him relentlessly.

"Ji Yi Yi"

There was a scream.

Even if he didn't see it, but only felt it from a distance, Jiang Buyi was a little startled.

In the Hall of Sin, a half-holy pursuit took place? And one of them is still breaking through the semi-saint of swordsmanship? "It's crazy..."

Jiang Buyi, who had a "countdown to exile" in his mind, couldn't understand this kind of suicide at all. He shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Anyway, he just didn't want to get involved.

At this time, the door of the spiritual formation of Zhenhuang Palace has been opened.

Jiang Buyi didn't think much, turned around and wanted to enter, but when he turned his head, the taboo puppet disappeared behind him!


At this moment, Jiang Buyi's heart stopped suddenly, and his scalp went numb with fright.

He was distracted for a short while, and the taboo doll disappeared? where will she go However, when he turned his eyes, Jiang Buyi was surprised to find that the little girl of the taboo doll was lying not far away, bleeding from the corner of her mouth, she had not disappeared, nor had she penetrated into his soul.


Jiang Buyi let out a long sigh of relief, and the feeling of chills on UU Reading www.uukanshu.com dissipated.

He immediately walked over, reaching out his hand to help the little girl up, but stopped in mid-air, as if realizing something, withdrew his hand without leaving a trace.

"Are you all right? Can you get up?" Jiang Buyi asked warmly, not daring to touch the exquisite taboo doll.

After a while, Mu Zixi stood up calmly, neither spoke nor shook her head, and she forcibly stifled the movement of reaching out to pat the dust on her buttocks.


Jiang Buyi hesitated for a while, staring at the corner of the little girl's mouth, and stretched out his hand to signal, "There is blood."

Mu Zixi looked at him calmly, and after a long time, he stuck out his tongue and licked it.

Jiang Buyi's eyelids twitched, and he chose to go straight

Then turn around and distance yourself.

"Come on, let's go inside the hall first, it's a little dangerous outside."

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