How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 600 Before it rains, plan ahead

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After agreeing to Li Jing, she would set off with Vera immediately.

She didn't even ask the latter if there was a way to find the other six Sovereigns...

But Li Jing can rest assured that Shi Zixuan is doing business.

This, after all, is the Great Emperor Beiming who was known as the strongest Emperor of the Sifang in the past.

If she can't even handle a little greedy wolf, how can she mess around?

With Shi Zixuan going to deal with Tanlang, Li Jing doesn't have to worry about it.

But he was not in a hurry to leave and go back to Central China.

First of all, he went to the Taxue shop that had been moved to Chentangguan and opened, and asked Tong Xiaoxiao to find out about the current situation and see if she encountered any difficulties after coming here.

The answer was very smooth.

Although there are basically no people in Chentangguan who can be the masters of the eight classics.

Yu Lian's catastrophe is not yet over, Liu Sisi and others are collectively retreating.

There was only Ji Qing outside who had other things to do.

But at least there is another Tong Rou who is in charge of the executive president of Cangming Entertainment City.

This position currently has the greatest voice in Chentangguan.

Who is Tong Rou?

Tong Xiaoxiao's sister.

Can the elder sister take care of the younger sister?

Faced with Tong Xiaoxiao's answer, Li Jing couldn't laugh or cry.

Institutionally speaking.

He is undoubtedly the top leader of Chen Tangguan.

Tong Xiaoxiao blatantly told him that "my sister has a connection in Chentangguan", which is a bit too much to be honest. But it's hard for him to say anything.

Who made him a hands-off shopkeeper?

As long as Tong Rou and Tong Xiaoxiao don't quarrel and cause problems, and the entertainment city and the store are going smoothly, he thinks it will be fine.

While looking for Tong Xiaoxiao to understand the situation, Li Jing also successfully obtained some custom orders from her that she had asked her to pay attention to earlier.

It's a pity that none of the good things he expected can be used to smelt half-tracks and directly impart rules.

But it is not Li Jing's style to have money but not make money.

After getting the order, Li Jing entered the Xiaoqiankun world without saying a word, and spent two hours to complete the order of more than ten orders.

Refining a half-walker.

For him now, it is as simple as eating and drinking water, there is no need to procrastinate, it can be done in one go.

Li Jing's refining efficiency is astonishing, and the probability of making it is extremely high, Tong Xiaoxiao already knew about it.

But this wave really refreshed her cognition.

two hours.

More than ten orders are customized.

This TM is even more outrageous than an assembly line!

During the critical two hours, most of the time Li Jing should be understanding the customer's customized requirements and the appearance drawings of the utensils.

The refining matter has a lot of randomness.

It's not just the quality of artifacts that are random.

There is also appearance and some utility.

It's just that in terms of appearance and certain effects, the refiner can customize the direction for targeted intervention, and then weaken or even remove the randomness.

To customize for others, it is natural that the refiner must carefully understand and figure out various requirements.

Ask someone to customize.

To a large extent it is expensive here.

However, Tong Xiaoxiao has basically adapted to Li Jing's changes.

After accepting more than a dozen half-walking devices brought by someone, she immediately arranged for someone to deliver them.

Li Jing himself went to Cangming Entertainment City for a while, and continued to look for Tong Rou to learn about the current situation.

The entertainment city has been going well recently.

After Tong Rou took over, the business was booming, not to mention the number of "distinguished" VIP members increased dramatically, bringing extremely considerable income to the entertainment city.

It's not about how capable Tong Rou is.

But because of her presence, Xianle Palace naturally has a group of versatile female disciples who have entered the entertainment city.

, Organize events and perform talents at 8 o'clock every night.

Beautiful women are not worth much in Xianyu.

It's all over the place.

But the women from Xianle Palace are different after all.

Especially now that they are equivalent to entering Chentang Pass.

All kinds of cosmetics with icing on the cake, etc., as long as it involves serious work, they can get whatever they want. and even these.

It's all Chentangguan's "employee benefits".

The disciples of Xianle Palace, who are already ashamed of the moon, are embellished with cosmetics. Does this go to heaven every minute?

make up.

The earth before Li Jing's crossing was called sorcery, and it was also called fairy magic in Blue Star, which makes sense.

And what Chen Tangguan has is not just cosmetics.

There are also all kinds of hot clothes that were not seen in the relatively conservative fairyland before.

With the combination of several elements, the female disciples of Xianle Palace immediately became the most watched landscape in the entertainment city.

In the past, many people were reluctant to open VIP. In order to better appreciate and even have the opportunity to get in touch with the disciples of Xianle Palace, they spent a lot of money, just to smile for the Pomeranians.


From Li Jing's point of view, it's a bit crooked to tell the truth.

His family's Cangming Entertainment City is a serious business, and it doesn't engage in soft sex, let alone sex.

But once the disciples of Xianle Palace settled in, things seemed to change a bit...

But make money!

Don't knock.

At least the disciples of Xianle Palace are more self-respecting, and the salary given by the entertainment city is far better than that of their inexplicable activities, so they don't have to worry about being blinded by money, going astray and eventually making mistakes.

The reason why they will be stationed in the entertainment city is because the salary is ridiculously high here, the owner of Xianle Palace, who is the boss, and they are thinking about not letting the money go to outsiders.

And in fact.

Originally, Tong Rou didn't have the slightest idea of ​​letting the disciples of Xianle Palace go to the entertainment city to show their faces.


It doesn't fit their Xianle Palace disciples' style of fading away from the glitz and glitz of the world and concentrating on cultivation.

But this lot of fairy crystals are really too fragrant!

In view of Tong Rou's leading the entertainment city's revenue to record highs, Li Jing generously gave her two bags of leaves of life to make tea, and also left her a hundred catties of Qingxin tea.

With these two kinds of tea, this person's work efficiency will definitely improve.

In addition, he also gave Tong Rou a branch of heaven and earth as an "employee benefit".

Tong Rou was shocked by this.

Good things like heaven and earth branches are completely rare, and you can't buy them even if you have money.

Li Jing just gave it to her...

This employee benefit is worth it for her to work for Chen Tangguan all her life!

Although she has not entered the Venerable. But it does not affect the opening of an independent world. And she has plenty of time to perfect the independent world.

One day, if she becomes a venerable and completes the independent world, she will be able to proclaim herself emperor in place!


After meeting Tong Rou, Li Jing called Si Konglu, who was currently helping the former in the Entertainment City in the "Fu" state, and told her that she could think about restarting the Star God Temple.

Chen Tangguan can unconditionally support the matter of recruiting disciples.

But after entering the Star God Palace, he needs to work part-time for Chen Tangguan.

Sikong Lu readily accepted this.

She herself is now receiving the standard salary offered by the entertainment city.


These fairy crystals are not worth mentioning to her late peak, but they are a lot of money for those with low cultivation.

With this income, they can enjoy better resources.

Other than that.

Li Jing also asked Sikong Lu to conduct strict checks during the period of recruiting disciples.

Character, life experience, etc. must be investigated clearly.

This is actually optional.

Sikonglu has already experienced once because of people in the sect who were greedy for profit.

Going to the end.

She set sail again, she must pay attention again and again.

For the convenience of Sikong Lu, Li Jing allowed her to communicate with Tong Rou or Ji Qing if necessary, and use some resources related to Chentangguan.

before leaving.

He also left a branch of the heaven and earth tree for Sikong Lu.

Sikonglu is the later stage of the venerable, and it will not be too difficult to open up an independent world with the branches of heaven and earth.

As for when the independent world can be perfected and Chuan takes advantage of the situation to proclaim himself emperor, it depends on her fortune.

Same as Tong Rou.

Sikong Lu was shocked by the branches of heaven and earth.

The point is that she didn't expect Li Jing to have such a thing, and even gave it to her casually.

Li Jing didn't mean to say more to her, and left directly.


After leaving Sikong Lu, Li Jing came to the domain master's office again, raised his hand and gently knocked on the door. Li Lingyin has now returned. Li Jing had learned about it from Tong Rou in advance.

This is not.

As soon as the door was knocked, a lazy voice came from behind the door.

"Come in."

Li Jing pushed the door open.

In the office, Li Lingyin was lying on the sofa holding a wine gourd as if she was boneless, her pink face was obviously drunk.

Seeing someone enter the door, Li Lingyin was stunned for a moment, and the expression in her big eyes that seemed to be very confused was much clearer, and she got up strangely.

"Li Jing, why are you here? Miss me?"

Li Jing stopped dumbfounded upon hearing this.


Li Lingyin saw that she temporarily suppressed the alcohol with her Dionysian cultivation, but she drank a little too much, and her head was still a little fuzzy.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry at her, Li Jing went over to sit on the sofa beside her.

"Long time no see, naturally I miss you."

Li Lingyin heard Emma's voice, got up with a smile like a flower, and came to squeeze a sofa with him.

"I like to hear that, so what's the matter with you, a busy man who doesn't see anyone all day, come to me?"

"Nothing special, just here to give you some good things."

After Li Jing said something, he took out a cup of Qingxin tea and handed it over.

"You drink this tea first."

Li Lingyin blinked when she saw this, took the teacup as she said, and drank it down.

After drinking a cup of Qingxin tea, she was instantly sober.

This time, she was not happy at the time.

How difficult is it for her to get drunk after following the way of Dionysus?

After finally drinking some, Li Jing gave her a cup of tea to wake her up.

Looking at someone speechlessly, Li Lingyin said.

"You should know, I'm drunk for cultivation?"

Li Jing shrugged, took out a heaven and earth branch and handed it over.

Li Lingyin is a serious and knowledgeable person.

Seeing the branches of heaven and earth, she immediately understood what kind of thing it was, her eyes lit up, and she stopped worrying about the details of being sober, and quickly reached out and snatched the branches.

"This is for me!?"


Li Jing.

Go ahead and ask later.

As expected of her, Li Lingyin...

Shaking his head dumbfoundingly, Li Jing said.

"You and I are from the same town after all, so I can't do without you if I have good things."

Li Lingyin raised her eyebrows when she heard the sound, and couldn't put it down, playing with the branches of heaven and earth in her hands, and then turned her head.

"Don't put it so nicely, you didn't come to me just to give me such a branch?"

"That's really something else." Li Jing smiled subtly and looked at the past squarely. "

Are you interested in formally joining me in Chentangguan? "

Upon hearing these words, Li Lingyin was taken aback for a moment.

She is smart.

Chen Tangguan, in fact, she had already been named early in the morning.

Since it is a name, she has basically no change with Chen Tangguan except for the entertainment city.

Many intersections.

Li Jing's wave of invitations has a purpose.

Blinking her eyes at someone, and then at the Heaven and Earth Branch in her hand that forced her to quit drinking and was unwilling to return it, Li Lingyin pursed her lips.

"What are you... wanting to fuck?"

Without waiting for someone to speak, she said with a frightened expression on her face.

"Shouldn't you be taking me into the harem?"

Li Jing twitched his mouth when he heard this, rolled his eyes and said.

"You think beautifully."


Li Lingyin swallowed and said.

"What do you mean by that? Is my old lady very bad?"

With such a mouthful, Li Jing didn't say anything, but casually glanced at the wine gourd she was still holding in her arms when she got the branch of heaven and earth.

Seeing this, Li Lingyin couldn't help showing a guilty expression, humming and twisting her body, stuffing the wine gourd and life resin into the storage space, and tidying up her messy appearance.

"Okay, don't joke."

As she spoke, she looked over.

"I've heard from Tong Rou about your proclaiming the emperor. You want me to officially join Chentangguan, and I have no reason to refuse. I just want to know, what is your invitation for?"

"Anyway, I'm not greedy for your body."

Li Jing answered irrelevant questions, said.

"Earthlings don't bully earthlings, you promise me first." Although Li Lingyin is careless all day long, she is quite cautious.

Otherwise, she would fly up to the Cannibal Immortal Realm alone as a woman, and she would have been eaten up long ago and would have nothing left, so she wouldn't be mixed up in the position of the domain lord.

But since the other party is Li Jing from his hometown, she doesn't think she has anything special to guard against. After a moment of silence, Li Lingyin said.

"I can join Chentangguan, but no matter what you want me to do, you have to give me time to get rid of the position of domain master."

Before Li Jing could speak, she spoke in earnest.

"The domain owner needs an absolutely neutral position and cannot be biased towards one side. I told you this when I was named Chentangguan. To join Chentangguan, I must step down as the domain owner."

Li Jing blinked when he heard the words.

"Are you worried that after joining Chentangguan, you will not have time to drink as the domain master?"


Li Lingyin.

Li Jing hit the nail on the head.

It revealed her carelessness.

But admitting it face to face is definitely not going to work.

Coughing hard, he took advantage of the situation and pinched Li Jing's leg fiercely, Li Lingyin snorted coldly.

"I look like such an outrageous person?"

Li Jing never lacks the desire to survive.

Although his thick-skinned and thick-skinned legs were pinched and twisted a hundred and eighty degrees without pain, one cannot just keep trying to die. "Not like."

Responding silently, Li Jing stretched out his hand to grab Li Lingyin's little paw from his leg, and said.

"Okay, I'll give you time. If necessary, I can help you say hello to Donghua Immortal Palace and arrange for a new domain master to come over as soon as possible."

Li Lingyin knew that a certain person had a lot of face.

When he was not proclaimed emperor, Emperor Donghua personally went to Xianle Palace for him.

Now proclaimed himself emperor.

Can't all boats go up with this card?

But she didn't accept it.

"The matter of resigning does not need to be so troublesome for you to come forward. I can handle it myself. I still have some affairs to deal with for the time being, and I cannot directly devote myself to Chentangguan."

She waved her hand and said something, she asked.

"You, don't you need me urgently?"

"It's not too late."

Li Jing smiled and said.

"I'm not inviting you for anything else. I plan to carry out Chentangguan's follow-up business to promote all kinds of modernization in Xianyu. There are really few people who are serious and familiar with modern society who can use it. People in Xianyu learn things. Soon yes, but theoretical knowledge always has a limit

. I hope you can go to Chentangguan to take charge of all directions, and then I will arrange a position for you as the deputy gatekeeper. "

Hearing such words, Li Lingyin frowned.

"I understand the truth, but this sect master should have someone more suitable than me? For example, Yu Lian..."

"No, she's not suitable."

Li Jing shook his head and said.

"She is my Taoist partner, and I will feel distressed if she can't be busy with various jobs all day long."


Li Lingyin.

Seeing that the fellow was speechless, Li Jing suppressed a smile and said.

"It's not impossible for Ayu to be the deputy sect master to coordinate the overall situation, but you are obviously more suitable than her."

After all, he continued.

"One day, I will leave the Immortal Realm. Whether I will be able to come back through the Small Universe Realm is unknown. Ayu and the others must follow me, and Chentang Pass must be guarded."

Hearing someone's words like this, Li Lingyin's face changed slightly.

"You... want to leave?"

"Not yet, it's just a rainy day."

Li Jing shrugged and said.

"If I could, I would choose to stay, but I'm afraid I will have to."

Li Lingyin was silent when he heard the words, and said.

"Although I don't know what happened to you recently, but since you are for the development of Chentangguan without you, I can help you take care of it. But I'm ugly, I'm just a company venerable Twelve realms that have not entered the realm, may not be..."

Before she finished speaking, Li Jing smiled gently.

"It doesn't matter what strength you are. What we need most in Chentangguan today is a strong man. And as I just said, it's just a precautionary measure for the time being, and you may not be forced to leave at that time. Even if you leave, I will give you Leave enough for you to ensure the continuation of Chentang Pass."

Li Lingyin felt a little strange hearing someone's words.

What is the most indispensable thing in Chentangguan now is the strong?

Isn't she a strong person at the twelfth level?

But if you want to take a closer look at the current "lineup" of Chentangguan, her 12th realm is really nothing.

With a depressed mouth, Li Lingyin said.

"I see, is there anything else?"


Li Jing shook his head and said.

"Take care of your private affairs as soon as possible and remove the position of domain owner. I don't think it will take long for all aspects of Chentangguan's business to start. The sooner you free up your hands, the sooner you can get in touch with these things. It is more beneficial for you to control the overall situation.”

Hearing this, Li Lingyin nodded subconsciously, then thought something was wrong, and said with a "hiss".

"Why don't I hear what you said? Why does it feel like even if you don't leave, you don't plan to take care of the business after the business starts, and you plan to let me come?"


Li Jing coughed and said.

"Do you know that there is a saying that you can see through but not tell through?"


Li Lingyin.

Good guy.

She's a good guy!

Li Jing acted as if she was going to tell the funeral, she was seriously considering "taking over" the career he might leave behind.

Not to mention that she hopes to see the modernization of Xianyu.

Although not a lot of contact.

As a fellow villager, Li Jing is special to her.

Look at the entire fairyland.

Li Jing was the only one she knew who came from the same earth as her.

There may be others.

But unless it is a coincidence, she may not meet the second one in her life.

UU Reading shouldn't she take more care of the career left by the fellow?

In the end, Li Jing had the idea of ​​being a full-time shopkeeper, and wanted to use her as a tool.

Looking at someone with black lines all over his head, Li Lingyin said.

"Shouldn't it be normal that you are in charge of managing various affairs, and I am in charge of being beautiful?"

Ability to be responsible for managing various affairs. "

Li Jing opened his mouth and said.

"As beautiful as a flower, you have the capital, but you don't have the ability."


Li Lingyin smacked her lips, took out her wine gourd and hugged it again, humming.

"I haven't seen you for a while, but your ability to **** people off is getting better and better."


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