Get God-level Talent at the Start of Online Games - Chapter 1288 The identity of a traitor!

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It is with this weapon.

After everyone from the Dragon Race and Tiange entered the imperial city, July Liuhuo and Zhang Yi used the power of their soldiers to give shelter to their teammates.

To make them die in the imperial city, as long as the power of the talisman is driven, they can be resurrected!

Even if there is no chance of resurrection, it can be resurrected under the circumstances of permanent death.

Moreover, it is the kind of resurrection without any loss!

It's like reading files in a game.

Regardless of the circumstances under which the following game characters die, they can read the files and return to the state they were in when they were first saved!

This is also the secret answer to the terracotta warriors in the Imperial City, every time they are killed, they can resurrect in a while!

Therefore, the Tian Pavilion and the Dragon Clan staged a big show in the Imperial City tonight!

This scene was concealed from the Heavenly Family, from the actor who manipulated the black dragon.

Even all the players of the Heaven Pavilion and the Dragon Race have been concealed!

So before, the two big families played in their true colors, seriously treating each other as enemies, and fought a life-and-death battle in the imperial city.

It is precisely this way to convince the actor to believe it is true and find the right time to show up.

In fact, the only people who knew were Zhang Yi, Han Yarou, July Liuhuo, August Weiyang, and the Four Heavenly Kings who used to clean the Imperial City every night.

All the efforts made before are all for today's battle!

Facts have proved: Zhang Yi and the others succeeded, and their previous efforts were not in vain!

The only pity was that the black cloak, the latter who manipulated the black dragon, still let him run away.

At that time, Zhang Yi and Qiyue Liuhuo were besieged by a large number of dark war dragons in the process of pursuing the black cloak.

After solving the black dragons, the black cloak had already taken the opportunity to escape.

With the complete end of the battle, the entire imperial city returned to silence.

At this time, the players of the Tiange and the Dragon race gathered and expressed their own doubts.

"So, our tit-for-tat during this time has always been acting?"

With the Dragon Clan's unquenchable voice just fell.

August Weiyang said: "Yes."

"From the time in the valley of the dead, it's been acting."

"Including later, every local struggle between your dragon clan and our Tiange in the wild, in your opinion, is a real occurrence, but in fact, it is all acting. Our two families have never really been hostile."

Suddenly, everyone fell into incredible.

King Glory asked with a dumbfounded look: "But...why is it like this?"

"For acting."

Destiny, the pastor of one of the four heavenly kings, said: "In order to make our common enemy believe in the relationship between our two enemies."

"Otherwise, in this operation tonight, how can the people of the Heaven family appear? They just think they can take advantage of our two families' fight and lose out, and then come out to reap the benefits of the fisherman."

At this time, Ye Jintianming was a little suspicious: "Is such a big foreshadowing just to deal with the heaven family?"

Obviously in the eyes of everyone: dealing with the Paradise Family, there is no need for such a laborious act.

With the strength of the Heaven Pavilion and the Dragon Clan, combining the two, directly destroying heaven is also easy.

At this time, August Weiyang went on to say: "So the purpose of our so much effort, of course, is not simply to seduce the Heavenly Family."

"The latter who can manipulate the dark dragon clan is our real goal!"

"Is that the black cloak that just appeared last?" The Dragon Clan was thoughtful of immortality.

July Liuhuo sighed slightly: "Unfortunately, the most **** thing is to run away."

Everyone expressed their doubts: "Who is that black cloak?"

July Liuhuo shook his head: "I'm running too fast, I have no chance to see it clearly."

But at this moment, Zhang Yi said confidently: "Look at who is missing from our dragon clan, and who is that."

"This...this person is a...traitor within our Dragon Race?!"

Hearing, everyone in the Dragon Race felt incredible for a while.

In shock, the Dragon Clan Immortal and Long Xing Tianxia quickly counted the number of people around them.

Then he looked puzzled: "There is no one else! Everything that should be there, unless it's not among us, if it's just an ordinary member of the Dragon Clan, then it's probably impossible to find out who he is."

Just when everyone was at a loss.

The scavenger seemed to have discovered something suddenly: "The number of our dragon clan is 300,000, not more than one, not less than one person."

"If you really want to say that... only two people are missing."

What did the original girl find: "What about the sisters from Purgatory City?"

Everyone looked around and found out: Lin Ruo and Lin Xi are gone!

Because the two of them came to Streaming City from the Mozu Purgatory City together with Zhang Yi.

And they are all members of the [Royal Family], and never joined the Dragon Clan from beginning to end.

Therefore, there are not few dragons, only two of them are missing!

Long Xing Tianxia asked in amazement: "So in this case, the traitors are the two of them?"

The King of Glory is a little weird: "But in the last battle between Brother Cheng and July Liuhuo, it was clear that only a few of us were left. The two of their sisters are dead! How could it be them?"

Zhang Yi glanced at the King of Glory and said, "How do you know that they are dead instead of finding a place to hide?"

Zhang Yi's words awakened the dreamer instantly.

Therefore, the latter who manipulated the black dragon and existed in the friends list of July Liuhuo and Heaven and Hell as mysterious people were Lin Ruo and Lin Xi!

To be precise, the traitor is Lin Ruo!

That's right, this is the person who joined Mu Chen and killed Zhang Yi with his own hands in the previous life!

Only now did Zhang Yi know: Lin Ruo has been lurking by his side all the time!

She followed Zhang Yi to Streaming City, just to wait for the opportunity to retaliate against Zhang Yi.

Even from the very beginning, she was planning to encourage the July Liuhuo to use the power of the Tiange to target Zhang Yi.

But according to reason, it is impossible for Lin Ruo in this life to have such a big hatred of Zhang Yi.

And when he saw Lin Ruo for the first time in this life, Zhang Yi had already copied her memory with the heart of memory, and no abnormality was found at that time.

Explanation: Lin Ruo possesses an item that can be modified or hidden from his memory!

From this we can also know: Lin Ruo knew that Zhang Yi had a prop that could replicate anyone's memory: the heart of memory!

So when Zhang Yi copied her memory, she had saved one hand and successfully avoided Zhang Yi's detection!

Coupled with this feature that she can manipulate the Dark Dragon.

Zhang Yi guessed: Behind Lin Ruo, there is a secret manipulator——

Dark Dragon King Igno!

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