Get God-level Talent at the Start of Online Games - Chapter 1286 The power of the soldier talisman, come back from the dead!

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Seeing Zhang Yi coming back from the dead again.

The black cloak couldn't help taking a step back.

Beneath the black mask, it was full of inconceivableness. With a low voice that seemed to be deliberately lowered, he said, "You... haven't you used up your five resurrection opportunities? Why can you be resurrected again?"

Obviously, this black cloak deliberately waited until Zhang Yi had a big fight with July Liuhuo and they exhausted all the chances of resurrection before coming out to harvest Zhang Yi.

What he didn't expect was that Zhang Yi was different from ordinary people.

In the world of apocalypse, ordinary players can accumulate up to five resurrection opportunities.

But Zhang Yi is the highest, able to accumulate ten resurrections!

Therefore, he still has four resurrection opportunities left!

Even before that, Zhang Yi was deliberate.

In the battle with the Qiyue Liuhuo and the others, they deliberately did not use the guardian dragon soul body.

Otherwise, if they had 90% of the guardian dragon soul free from injury, it would be difficult for them to kill Zhang Yi at all.

In this way, even if in the end Zhang Yi defeated July Liuhuo and the Four Heavenly Kings.

In the end of the scene, I am afraid I dare not easily deal with Zhang Yi, who has several chances of resurrection.

Therefore, Zhang Yi deliberately used up all five chances of resurrection through the battle with the Qiyue Liuhuo.

Including the fact that only a trace of blood was left to fight the July Flowing Fire before using the Dragon Emperor Possession skill to save his life, in order to give the latter a chance!

Then, he was really fooled and came out and killed Zhang Yi in a sneak attack.

At the same time, he exposed himself!

Zhang Yi looked at the heavily armed, tight black cloak that wrapped himself, and said, "Come on, let me see your true colors."

The black cloak said indifferently: "Even if you still have a few chances to resurrect, what can you do?"

"Right now, your dragons and the Tiange are at the end of the crossbow. I have 400,000 elite divisions from the Heaven Family and the Dark Dragon Legion to help me. It's up to you, what can you fight against me?"

As he said, the black cloak waved.

In all directions, countless players from the Paradise family swarmed from the streets and alleys!

At this moment, almost every one of them is a red name.

Obviously, in the process of killing all the way to this position, they have already killed a lot of Heaven Pavilion or Dragon Race players!

A large group of players from the Paradise family quickly surrounded Zhang Yi, who was alone.

At the same time, floating in the air, several dark battle dragons were sitting on the street, roaring deafeningly at Zhang Yi.

At this moment, the black cloak looked at Zhang Yi and said:

"Even if you have three heads and six arms, you will definitely die today!"

"Really?" Zhang Yi didn't care about it, instead he let out a chuckle.

Then he said: "This sentence should be what I said to you."

Hearing, even heaven and **** can't help but laugh out loud: "Yinuo Qingcheng has reached such an end in the world, do you still have to do it?"

"Look, your teammates, brothers, friends, and even your wife are all dead!"

"Outside, your dragon brothers are dying, and you are the only one left!"

"What are you taking to fight us?"

Zhang Yi wrote lightly: "Of course it is for strength."

With that, Zhang Yi could only take out a ruby ​​[Heart of Memory].

In the heart of driving memory, copy the power of the [Spell] on it.

next moment.

Floating in the air, countless white light spots fell down!

Upon seeing this, the black cloak and heaven and **** looked towards the sky together, and they fell into an unthinkable one after another.

"This... what is this?"

Just when all the players in the Paradise family felt puzzled.

I saw those familiar white stars falling all over the city, and then gradually converging into a living person!

And these people are all players of the Tiange and Dragon Race who have just died permanently in the war!

Seeing this scene, heaven and **** were shocked: "How can this be!"

"This is impossible! Haven't they been permanently dead? How could they be resurrected?!"

Even the resurrected Tiange and Dragon players themselves felt unbelievable.

They looked at themselves one by one, each looked bewildered, not knowing what had happened.

What is even more shocking is that these people are not only resurrected, but also resurrected in full condition!

What level was before the first hung up, and what level is now.

How many times there were resurrection opportunities at the beginning, and how many times there are now.

Even the equipment on his body is a lot!

"This...what the **** is going on? Am I dead? Why am I alive again!" The dragon race among the large group of resurrected people was immortal, with a look of shock.

Also resurrected at the same time, there are also July Liuhuo and the four heavenly kings.

All the Tiange and Dragon players who died in the Imperial City tonight have all kept the same state they had before they died for the first time and have been resurrected!

In addition to Zhang Yi and Han Yarou, there are also Liuhuo in July, Weiyang and the Four Heavenly Kings in August.

Everyone else on the court was extremely surprised.

In fact, this result was as early as Zhang Yi and July Liuhu expected.

And this is all due to their [Soldier Talisman] that they worked hard for more than a week all night every night!

In this situation, there is no time to explain anything.

The resurrected July Liuhuo immediately gave an order: "Tell me my password, our enemy is no longer the dragon, but heaven!"

"As long as people in heaven, or black dragons, kill them!"

On Zhang Yi's side, he also confessed to the two deputy captains of the Dragon Clan Immortal and Long Xing Tianxia: "I also pass on my instructions. What July Liuhuo said just now, what do you guys say."

The immortal dragon asked in surprise, "Don't you kill the people in the Tiange?"

"Our enemy is not Tiange."

Zhang Yi's answer only made people look dumbfounded.

After all, the Dragon Race and Tiange had just experienced an unprecedented battle of life and death.

Both players killed so many people from the other side.

At this moment, it is difficult for both players to turn their enemies into friends and jointly confront new enemies.

Despite this, the Dragon Clan Immortal and Long Xing Tianxia passed on Zhang Yi's instructions.

Only when the captains of both sides give orders.

The players of the Heaven Pavilion and the Dragon Race should only have another temporary alliance with each other to jointly deal with the enemies of the Heavenly Family.

Then they will settle their accounts after the fall.

So, let go of the hatred and grudges between each other.

After the resurrection.

The heavenly pavilions and dragon players scattered all over the imperial city, one after another, locked on the heavenly family players, or the dark war dragon flying above their heads, and launched an attack!

July Liuhuo and Zhang Yi looked at each other.

Then, locked the player with the black cloak in front, and raised the staff at the same time.

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