Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1381 Advanced king

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Way of balance!

Now that he had made up his mind, Shen Chen acted resolutely.

The order in his body, the light and shadow, the **** of the soul, the reality of Laurent, the blood of the dragon... These forces gradually form a unified but changing magic field under the blessing of balance.

The original dual magic power ring was gradually broken, but it did not destroy the system it built. On the source of magic power, it was like a world tree, slowly bearing eight fruits.

"Not enough, Nidhogg's flesh and blood is not enough!" At this time, the advancement path has surpassed that of ordinary kings, who specialize in one line or multiple lines (combined with the three principles of Minerva).

The required magic power and the supplementary power of law are huge powers that cannot be satisfied by the total amount of magic power of more than 10 legendary peaks in the source of Shen Chen's magic power!

At this time, Nidhogg became more irritable and angry because of the pain and the stripping of his strength, and it revealed the dimension pocket of the lower abdomen.

A blue-purple spiral area that can swallow the surrounding matter and space is formed, and the huge pulling force suddenly pulls several people to the pocket, and accumulates into a magic energy ball.

"Dodge!" Then, the magic power was spit out from Nid Hogg's mouth, and sprayed directly at Chen Chen.

Shen Chen has always been wary of variables, even though he was greedily eating flesh and blood, at this moment the dragon wings exploded, and the strong storm carried the ability to move in space, and jumped more than ten meters sideways in an instant.

The energy ball still cut through the side, forming a distorted space that squeezed and shattered the magical power of order around Shen Chen, forming a series of collapsed cavities along the trajectory of the space, and then impacted into the jungle behind.


There was no direct explosion sound, but in an instant, there was a deaf-like silence, and everything around was attracted towards that ripple, first it was dark, and then there was a bright flash.

In the high magic world of the gods, a large forest was wiped out by the terrifying shock wave, leaving a hollow and a large area of ​​fallen trees, and the surrounding area was also in chaos.

Nid Hogg wanted to do the same old trick again. At this time, Freya shot a few spells. She and Kratos were like lovers who had known each other for many years, and the cooperation was perfect.

Shen Chen's Eye of Laurent had also crossed the threshold of the king at this time. In his eyes, the surrounding space was divided but orderly. He could see Nidhogg's magic power weaving in his pocket.

A Hammer of Order was condensed and thrown out by Cretul's destructive power. This blow combined with the explosion of the magic seal just happened to destroy the magic power in the pocket.

The backlash impacted Kreitul's body, it raised its head as if it lost its balance, and then fell down as if drunk.

"Good opportunity!" Kratos held the Leviathan ax and slashed down fiercely. At this time, the space protection was also weakened due to the disorder of magic power, and he was directly penetrated, and the ax blade slashed on Nigelhold's face , smashed the dragon scale and inserted it deeply into the flesh and blood.

Shen Chen also followed quickly. This time, he shrunk Cretul into the shape of a hammer, and after making brief eye contact with Kratos, the blow hit the back of the battle ax right in the middle!

The power of order erupted, and Kratos also released anger and frost.

The ax blade directly pierced through the whole piece of flesh and blood, and a large piece of flesh and blood was deeply cut out on Nigelhold's dragon face, and the upper part of the eyelid on the left side of the head was molded into a lake of flesh and blood.

He conveniently held the flying piece of meat in his hand, its weight was far beyond imagination, the wind pushed by Shen Chen's dragon wings was almost pulled down by the sudden weight.

It fell to the ground in embarrassment. This is the strongest part of Nigelhold's flesh and blood. It relies on its sharp teeth and terrible bite force to break the tough and extremely hard root system of the World Tree like a spicy stick. , chew, swallow.

"This is the essence!" Shen Chen took another big mouthful, and the stagnant level just now rose rapidly.

At this time, in the source of magic power, the giant magic tree representing Shen Chen was swaying, and sprinkled a rain of magic power that could create a master player with a random drop, and the torrent of magic power impacted on the fruits that formed one after another.

On the biggest fruit, the golden lines are neatly and symmetrically cut slowly, turning into the purest word of order, as Shen Chen's purest, most powerful and familiar law.

The power of order takes the lead in advanced kings and achieves control over the laws!

The golden light erupted, and countless chains of order formed around Shen Chen's body, and the surrounding scenes that were originally destroyed and messy began to recover under the action of the law of order.

Layers of golden light on the ground, and countless talismans engraved here, seem to prove that a king is being born here! Shen Chen took another big mouthful, this time it was the law of light and darkness.

Kratos also seems to realize that Shen Chen is doing something crucial, he still recognizes this guy he has not known for a long time, and is willing to lend a helping hand at this time.

As for Freya, she not only wants to take back her own power, but also plans to avenge Odin, so the stronger the helper, the better. Now it seems that Shen Chen is not the enemy.

So the two of them worked together again, and cut another large piece of flesh from Nidhogg's body. This time, it was the abdomen, and it was near the pocket, which was full of the essence of space magic.

Naturally, Shen Chen did not reject the kindness, the fruits of light and darkness seemed to condense more easily, this is probably the attribute of Shen Chen's own magic power, which has already made them ripe and just waiting to be picked.

The white battle suit on his body penetrated the armor, and the scattered radiance almost replaced the sunlight of Vanaheim, illuminating the rising fog of light, and almost awakened the whole world!

Countless creatures raised their heads, and the gods of Vanaheim in the sanctuary also saw the brilliance. Frey put Mimir who was talking to him on the stone table, "I'll go and see!"

Shen Chen had an idea at this time, he took out Alsace's cursed armor from his backpack, and put it on directly.

The power of the curse quickly spread and entangled, but with the entrance of another mouthful of flesh and blood full of the magic power of the World Tree.

The shining light dispelled the curse, and forced this king-level curse out of every piece of armor.

Although he was like a big light bulb, under the dazzling light, a clear shadow formed under Shen Chen's feet, this was the dark side.

The shadow seemed to smile brightly at himself above. It stretched out its hand, gently took off the cursed magic power dispelled from the armor, and then choked down the terrible curse of Alsace like the body was eating the dragon meat. .


This is a double surprise. The king-level law of the shadow already has the ability to digest and intercept the power of the curse. This curse, which was originally full of enchanting effects and threatening, has become a delicious dessert to further strengthen the power~~

One bite!

The power of shadow permanently weakens the upper limit of health. After the judgment is successful, it will be permanently cursed by the law of shadow once. (daily weakness)

Two bites!

The power of shadow permanently weakens the damage (percentage), and the judgment transforms damage and mana into shadow attributes.

Three bites!

The power of shadow permanently weakens the attribute value, with the power of shadow devouring all (life/damage/attribute) compound damage, almost no damage limit!

With the last bite, Shen Chen felt that his magic power had merged with the original cursed armor, and the advanced and dissipated magic power made it full in one breath, and he directly recognized the new owner's power.

All the attributes devoured by the power of can increase the power of the armor!

Not only that, Shen Chen's sacred armor at this time also dyed the originally bright black armor with a layer of golden light, like the wings of an angel, with white light shining behind it.

The control of the power of the three laws has allowed Shen Chen to successfully advance to the rank of king, but at this time, his hidden potential has only been used less than half!

Nid Hogg was also panicked. Although he was unwilling to give up any of the roots of the world tree, it was not stupid. Surrounded by such powerful enemies, let alone keeping the roots, he might lose his life .

Turning around and fleeing, Nid Hogg showed his biological instinct to escape. With the opening of a gap in the boundary, he could even see the curious eyes of the squirrel.

However, at this time, Shen Chen's left and right hands each held the last bite of dragon meat, regardless of appetite and size, he swallowed it with his head up!

The fourth king's ability to bear fruit!

"Please leave the rest of the battle to me!" Shen Chen said to Kratos.

Then: Hell Arena!

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