Fantasy: God-level Store Manager - Chapter 2260 dig, dig into the ground

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Many magical devices are placed all over the room, the floor and walls are also made of rare mithril, and many light curtains and crystal panels are hung around, displaying relevant data changes in real time.

This is where Elizabeth usually does her experiments.

For many researchers, the equipment here is probably a luxury to even touch it, and working here for a day is completely without regrets in life.

Ruo Ye stood behind Elizabeth and waited quietly.


"Lord Elizabeth."

The girl in the white maid costume bowed slightly.

"Do you know where I went today?" Elizabeth beckoned, and the seat came automatically behind her and sat on it casually.

"Lord Elizabeth said before she left that she was going to the City of Steel, and she also received an invitation from the dwarf elder." Ruo Ye replied.

Elizabeth pressed her palm on the armrest of the chair, and the faint blue flames in her eyes danced.

In fact, she originally wanted to take Ruoye with her and let her go to the Hearthstone Tavern, but the invitation of the giant axe changed her plan.

Xu is a kind of hunch, she feels that something big will happen on this trip.

And in fact it is.

"Ruo Ye, go and make arrangements today. Find a spot in the garden behind the castle and dig down." Elizabeth gave the order.

"Are you planning to expand the castle?" Ruoye didn't quite understand Elizabeth's thoughts for a while.

"No, just dig deep, the deeper the better." Elizabeth said.

Although Ruo Ye was quite puzzled, he didn't ask more, just nodded lightly in response: "Yes, I understand."

"Are you wondering why I let you do this?" Elizabeth asked casually with her bone-like palm resting on the arm of the chair.

Wakaba nodded.

In front of Elizabeth, she had no need to hide her thoughts.

Elizabeth did not answer immediately. She stood up and came to the experimental table, her palms swiping in the air beside her.

It was like a piece of white paper was torn, and a crack appeared in the space.

This is something like a "storage space", and Elizabeth, the owner of the Dead Woodland, naturally possesses such an ability.

Then, an object with a size of several meters was taken out of it and landed heavily on the platform made by Mithril.

"Lord Elizabeth, this is..."

Ruoye looked at the object that Elizabeth took out in surprise. There were very regular cuts around it, it looked like it was cut from a larger body, and there were many mysterious lines on its surface, which were similar to some The most primitive magic rune.

In addition, it also gave her a vague feeling of being unclear.

It's like standing in front of a towering mountain, and my heart will only be filled with awe for nature.

"The thing we found in the steel city yesterday." Elizabeth said lightly. "What do you think this thing is?"

Wakaba observed confidently after walking in.

Her eyes gradually filled with pure white holy light, and the scene she saw in her line of sight changed accordingly. Everything in her eyes showed a state similar to its essence.

Just like those experimental creatures imprisoned in cages, she could even see the images of the souls that were forcibly spliced ​​together screaming and struggling, and some were in the process of fusion.

But the object placed on the Mithril platform in front of her...she couldn't see it.

Yes, can't see it.

In Ruo Ye's eyes, it was still the same as before, nothing changed, it seemed to be the same in any state.

Ruo Ye blinked, the holy light gradually dissipated, and her eyes returned to their original appearance again. This time, she decided to just rely on what her eyes "see" to judge.

After a long time, Ruo Ye withdrew his gaze.

"How is it?" Elizabeth just waited silently while Ruo Ye observed, she was very patient in this regard.

"I don't know." Ruo Ye shook his head, "Lord Elisabeth, I have never seen such a strange object. The texture on its surface is like the most primitive magic rune, and its essence is also extremely powerful to many energies. Resistance, and the state of being is extremely stable...I don't understand."

Elizabeth laughed, she stood up, and walked slowly to the platform.

"What if I told you it was actually a living thing? Part of a living thing?"

Ruo Ye was stunned, his eyes gradually widening.

She remembered the task that Elizabeth had given her earlier, and a certain guess also appeared in her mind.

"Lord Elizabeth, did you find... such a creature in the ground?"

"Organism?" Elizabeth pressed her palm on the surface of the object, and looked into the distance, as if penetrating the barrier of space, and saw the scene of sleeping deep in the ground again, "Compared to living things, I think it is more like ...the gods."

Yes, god, that's what Elizabeth thinks.

The gigantic body entrenched in the ground with unknown geometry has long surpassed the category of mortal creatures, and the concept of mortals has long ceased to apply.

"You can see for yourself."

Elizabeth took out a pure ice crystal spar from her pocket and threw it to Ruo Ye, "It records the scene we saw underground, you just need to be mentally prepared before that."

Wakaba caught it subconsciously.

After a little hesitation, he activated the original spar and began to browse carefully.

"Voice, did you hear it?"

"It's a heartbeat."

"I have a bad feeling... this place feels weird to me, like being watched by something..."

At the very beginning, there were constant conversations from several people, and the atmosphere was still very relaxed.

However, with the inexplicable fluctuations and speculation about the cave, the atmosphere gradually became solemn, and things seemed to be gradually progressing in a serious direction.

Until the tentacles that traversed the passage appeared, Ruo Ye couldn't help but take a deep breath—even though she didn't need to breathe, her body flickered on and off like a light bulb with poor contact.

She looked at the things on the platform subconsciously, and now she finally understood the true identity of the thing, it was actually a part of the tentacles!

The exploration continues.

This picture has accelerated a lot, and it can be seen that the frequency of those roots is gradually increasing, as if it is gradually approaching a certain core area.

until the passage reaches the end.

The darkness dissipated, and the sound of the great ax tore the eerie silence.

"What the **** is this..."

Ruo Ye took a deep breath again, and she felt that the core of her soul seemed to be shaking.

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