Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss - v4 Chapter 3553 :大江大河(15)

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Du Chunsheng took several companions back to Zongmen to treat Ma Danfeng.

Out of the scope of the Stele Forest, the disciples of the Hornets Valley finally recovered from the panic.

"Du Shixiong, Ma Shijie suffered such a heavy injury, let's really, really do it?" A Hornets disciple asked some hesitation.

Ma Danfeng is the daughter of the owner of the valley. This time they accompanied Ma Danfeng to experience it. It was thought to be a relaxing errand. They can eat, drink and have fun outside. Who would have thought of this kind of thing?

More importantly, Du Chunsheng's talent is the first person in the Hornets Valley. They are just ordinary disciples in the valley. After returning, the Guzhu may not severely punish Du Chunsheng, but they may not be!

"How? If you don't think so, do you think that with the cultivation of several people, you can kill that man and a woman?" Du Chunsheng blinked.

He didn't feel wrong, but it was quite difficult to get out of the situation.

The disciple of the Hornets Valley twitched, and Ma Danfeng provoked the woman’s end to be in front of him. How dare he go back and look for trouble.

"Du Shixiong, I don't mean that. Ma Shijie suffered such a heavy injury. Let's go back to the valley. This is sure that we can't spare us. The mysterious woman is very high. Our enemy does not mean that there is no enemy. Let's go to the sky. The spirit union issued a mission, by the time."

"Stop!" Du Chunsheng frowned, and glanced at the disciple of the Hornets. "What does the woman know for you? Release the mission to kill her? And don't say if anyone in Luoyan City can do it, even if there is, then the reward It is also an astronomical number! You can check the injury of Dan Feng yourself."

Du Chunsheng’s speech pressure was low.

The two Wasp Valley disciples looked awkward and some of them wondered about their mental strength.

"Well? Dantian in the world of horses..." The two Wasp Valley disciples flashed a surprise at the same time.

"I saw it, the woman has already left her hand. If we don't know what to do, you can't leave the city of Yanyan." Du Chunsheng said.

At the same time, his heart is also very clear, the woman's place did not kill Ma Danfeng not because they taboo their wasp Valley, but Ma Danfeng just threatened to abolish her, the other party is only to cure their own people.

"Du Shixiong, let's go back and explain how to be like the owner of the valley."

Ma Danfeng's Dan Tian is still alive, and the faces of the two Wasp Valley disciples are not much better.

"When I go back, I will explain the situation to the owner of the valley. All the punishments will be borne by me. It has nothing to do with the two of you." Du Chunsheng flashed a choice in his eyes.

"This..." The two Wasp Valley disciples looked at each other and each other's eyes flashed a touch of darkness. "That would thank Du's brother."

Du Chunsheng saw the thoughts of the two people, but did not say anything.

He can have the highest prestige among the disciples of the Hornets, relying on nature is not only talent and cultivation.

The three men simply wrapped Ma Danfeng in Shizhen, renting a luxury carriage and rushing back to the Hornets Valley.

In the forest of monuments.

After Yu Yu’s departure from the hillside, there was no more concern about what had just happened.

It is also that Ma Danfeng is unlucky. Today, I have to make some noise here, just as she came to give experience.

However, just one Ma Danfeng is obviously not enough, and even look down on what waves.

Therefore, the night feathers with the baby directly came to the center of the forest.

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