Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5869 There are loopholes

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The Peerless Century was born, probably in the nearby mountains.

Lu Ming was shocked.

During this period of time, people from the major halls were haunting nearby, and it actually involved a wonderful land of unparalleled opportunity.

At the True Spring Conference, the creation of the Twelve True Halls created twelve wonderful places of opportunity, one peerless, three superior, and eight caves.

In the wonderful land of superior chance, there is the chance of the chaotic mysterious beast. What will there be in the wonderful land of peerless chance?

"How can you be sure that there is a peerless insulation place?"

Lu Ming asked in detail.

"Not long ago, someone inadvertently broke into a certain mountain range and was attacked by a killing formation. Only one of a dozen people escaped. The person said that he saw the imperial medicine inside!"

A young man of the Fu clan.

Emperor medicine, as the name suggests, is an elixir that is effective for all immortal emperors.

Rare and precious in the world.

I don't know how the news leaked, and it alarmed all the masters of the Twelve True Halls.

Therefore, the masters of the Twelve True Halls gathered together and wanted to enter, but unfortunately, the entrance was shrouded in a heavy formation, and there was no gap.

Possessing imperial medicine, according to judgment, is likely to be a unique opportunity.

During this time, the top masters of the Twelve True Halls were all trying to break through the formation.

"Last time someone was able to break in, but now that the masters of the major halls are gathered together, they can't get in?"

Lu Ming asked.

"Last time there was a gap in the formation, and someone broke into it, and the gap disappeared."

A young man explained.

After inquiring in detail, Lu Ming did not kill the two of them, but sealed them and suppressed them in the formation. When the matter was over, he protected them and let them go as agreed.

"It's too coincidental."

Lu Ming touched his nose, but he was also a little speechless. He didn't expect to choose a place to stay, but it was near the place of unparalleled opportunity?


Silently, Lu Ming left the range of the formation and rushed towards the place where the powerhouses of the major halls gathered.

The place where Lu Ming and the others settled was the end of a mountain range, and the place where the powerhouses of the major temples gathered was the center of the mountain range, more than 800,000 miles away.

This distance is nothing to a powerhouse of their level.

Soon, Lu Ming arrived, hiding in the dark to observe.

The entire mountain range is filled with runes and covered by heavy formations. Relatively speaking, the center of the mountain range should be the entrance, and the formation is relatively weak.

The masters of the Twelve True Halls are breaking the formation, trying to find a way to open the formation at the entrance.

"I explored this mountain range before, and I didn't find the formation. Before, it should have been hidden in the mountain, and it only emerged recently."

Lu Ming pondered.

When he just brought people to settle here, he also explored the nearby terrain. He also explored this mountain range. Although it was not particularly careful, it was generally abnormal and could not be concealed from his discernment.

Before, there was indeed no trace of the formation.

There is only one possibility. The formation was hidden in the mountain before, silently.

Lu Ming observed secretly that the masters of the major halls were almost all there. When some people started, the immortal light rushed into the sky, and the momentum was shocking, just like the birth of an immortal emperor, which was really amazing.

There are many such people, a dozen or so.

In the distance, Lu Ming saw Hua Tianye, Jade Rakshasa.

The major halls obviously reached some kind of tacit understanding and joined forces to break through the formation.

Although there are many masters, and there are formation masters such as Hua Tianye and Fuzu, it seems that it is not so easy to break the formation, the progress is quite slow, and it seems very difficult.

These formations are likely to be left by the powerhouses of the Creation Realm as a test.

Two days later, Lu Ming returned, and after a few days, he left to observe.

In the blink of an eye, a month has passed.

In a month's time, the major halls have made a lot of progress, but it is still too early to break the formation.

"Hey, what's going on with this lake?"

When Lu Ming returned to the formation again, he found that the lake was a little unusual.

On the lake, there were traces of energy overflowing. Although it was very dull, Lu Ming still caught it all at once.

Because Lu Ming is extremely sensitive to this kind of energy, and this kind of energy has a 'real' aura.

It seems to be diluted real power.

All kinds of fish in the lake are very excited, swimming and jumping rapidly.

Liu Qing and others obviously found anomalies as well. They observed above the lake and saw Lu Ming, and flew away.

"When did the abnormality here start?"

Lu Ming asked.

"Three hours ago, the fish in this lake suddenly became very active, and there seemed to be an extraordinary overflow of energy under the lake."

Liu Qing said.

"I'll go down and check."

After saying that, Lu Ming rushed into the lake and came to the bottom of the lake.

The strands of energy overflowed from the bottom of the lake. Lu Ming patted it with a palm, and the silt at the bottom of the lake spread out, revealing the smooth bottom rocks of the lake.

Run the demon emperor pattern, look carefully, and quickly lock in a place with strong energy.

Lu Ming turned into a ray of light, rushed into the rock, and went in the direction of the energy overflow.

"This direction is to go to the center of the mountain range. Is it related to the peerless isolation?"

A thought passed through Lu Ming's mind.

Thinking of this, Lu Ming was a little excited. Did he accidentally find a shortcut?

But soon, Lu Ming knew he was wrong, because he encountered a formation.

The entire mountain range is shrouded in a formation, including the ground.

In front, the ley lines converged, crisscrossed, and the beasts roared endlessly.

"Array of Beasts!"

Lu Ming's face was solemn.

The leylines seemed to transform into terrifying beasts, staring at him, and once he moved forward, they would pounce on him and tear him to pieces.

That kind of momentum is too terrifying. With Lu Ming's current strength, he also feels insignificant, like an ant facing a giant dragon.

Don't push hard!


Since the formation is so tight, why does the real power overflow?

There are loopholes!

Any formation method can't stand the polishing of the years. It is normal for loopholes to appear after a long time.

If there are loopholes, the power of truth will overflow.

The power of truth can overflow, and he can pass.

Lu Ming ran the demon emperor pattern and observed it carefully, not missing any detail.

Three days later, Lu Ming finally found out.


Lu Ming stared at a certain place, that place, the place where the leylines meet, where the power of reality overflowed, it was very small and insignificant, but it was still clearly captured by Lu Ming.

There, there is a very small crack, thousands of times smaller than a hair, which is a loophole in the formation.

Every once in a while, when the earth pulse surges, it will suddenly appear for a short while.

For Lu Ming, it was enough.

Lu Ming waited quietly.

After a while, the crack reappeared, and a rainbow light rushed out of Lu Ming's body, rushing into the crack.

It was Lu Ming's 'past body'.

Within the formation, the dangers are unknown, and Lu Ming did not dare to go in together with three bodies. It is safest to let the 'past body' go in to investigate.

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