Dimensional Ship Girl - v3 Chapter 1161 desperate?

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At this time, Yoshino was surrounded by several ship outfits, and these ship outfits were also different from those ordinary ship girls.

Compared with the common cannons and torpedoes on ordinary ships, Yoshino's ship looks like there are only a lot of accessories and a huge suspension gun that is more than one meter long.

At this time, the muzzle of the suspension cannon was exuding a dazzling white light, and the space around the white light seemed to be frozen.

Seeing the left arm rushing towards her, Yoshino waved her hand, and a few ice picks formed around her, and these ice picks rushed towards her left arm.

When she made the plan before, she made an appointment with Xiaoren that no matter who the left arm attacked, the other party should not make any idea of ​​assistance, but continued to carry out follow-up attacks and attack the left arm as quickly as possible. Inflict damage and save your stamina at the same time.

Because the left arm can only attack one person, there is nothing wrong with their plan, but the person being chased by the left arm may be more dangerous.

But since they have all started to fight with the left arm, it is impossible not to be dangerous, and as the left arm weakens, the threat posed to them by the left arm will gradually decrease, so their plan is theoretically fine. of.

Yoshino heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his left arm rushing towards him. If possible, she prefers that the target of her left arm is herself, because compared with Xiao Ren, her strength is undoubtedly much more than Xiao Ren, so even if she is targeted by her left arm, she is safer than Xiao Ren. .

They had planned a lot before, but what she didn't expect was that her left arm would actually choose to resist her attack, and it seemed that her attack had not caused any effective damage to the left arm, so this was more of her later. those attacks.

And her ice pick was smashed by the left arm the moment it hit the left arm. At this time, there seemed to be some kind of special energy field around the left arm, so their attacks were basically blocked by that layer of energy field. , so that it did not cause any effective damage to the left arm.

It's just that Yoshino also knows that according to the current state of the left arm, he must not be able to maintain this state for a long time, that is to say, perhaps soon, this state of the left arm will disappear, and after this state disappears The condition of the left arm will definitely be worse than before.

But these all have a premise, that is, she can survive under the attack of her left arm.

Thinking of this, Yoshino no longer stayed in place, but chose to run away. Of course, even if she ran away, she did not forget to attack, because she had to lock the attention of her left arm on her body. .

Xiao Ren is a long-range type, so her melee ability is relatively poor, and not only that, Xiao Ren's ship type is also destined to be very inflexible. In contrast, she has no restrictions, so she is undoubtedly allowed to come. It is more appropriate to seduce the left arm.

And the moment she set off, the huge cannon-barrel-shaped ship beside her also stopped attacking.

Since her attack has no effect now, she doesn't need to waste her strength, it's good to save some strength.

Seeing Yoshino flee, his left arm became even more angry, so he increased his speed again.

Seeing the left arm speeding up again, Yoshino's face was also a little unsightly. Although she had known for a long time that the left arm would become very powerful after releasing the power, it was already the left arm that consumed a lot of her own power, and she also The state after a lot of damage to the left arm. And now the left arm still makes her feel almost invincible.

Although they said so, it is obviously impossible to give up this kind of thing. They came here only for one purpose, and that is to kill the left arm here.

Seeing Yoshino being chased by her left arm, Xiao Ren bit her lip.

She had made an agreement with Yoshino before, so she knew that she should not go to help Yoshino now. What she can do now is to find an opportunity to attack her left arm as much as possible, and at the same time, she must also accumulate her own strength.

Of course, if she can attract the gaze of her left arm, then Yoshino can relax for a while.

But she doesn't feel that she has such ability, after all, it can be seen from the left arm's disdain for her attack. That is to say, even if her strength increases, she still can't help the battlefield.

This made her feel a little depressed.

But soon she shook her head. Now is not the time to be depressed. Now she needs to settle down and prepare for when she can help.

On the other side, looking at Yoshino, who has been unable to catch up, the anger in his left arm is getting more and more intense, but his anger did not burst out, because a sudden coldness made his anger disappear. most of them.

And the appearance of this coldness also represents one thing, that is, his body has begun to be unable to bear it, so that he can't even maintain such a defensive posture.

At the same time, this also represents a problem, that is, he can't hold on for long. Although he is extremely reluctant, he should choose to run away.

Maybe he did face severe punishment if he escaped, but if he didn't escape, then what he was about to face would most likely be death.

One side is likely to die, and the other side is certain to die. In this case, what kind of choice should be made is very simple.

By this time, caring about things like dignity can no longer suppress the fear of death.

Of course, although he said he wanted to run away, it was impossible to run away directly, and he would definitely be caught up by these two intruders. Moreover, his current state is very poor, and he may not be able to support it at any time, so he must find a better one. opportunity to escape.

It's just that he also understands that since he is ready to escape, he must not let these two intruders discover his intentions now.

So now his offensive not only cannot be slowed down, but must even be more violent than before, because only in this way can he deceive the two intruders.

It can be seen from the previous actions of these two invaders that they must have come prepared. Since they came prepared, they must be ready to kill him here, and he is now All that needs to be done is to interfere with the judgment of the two intruders and make them think that they will not run.

And as the attack on the left arm intensified, Yoshino's face became more and more ugly.

Although it was said before that the left arm was likely to escape, that was not necessarily the case. What if the left arm is not in a hurry and wants to die with them?

It's not impossible for this kind of thing to happen, and once the left arm wants to fight with them, they are really dangerous. You must know that dying beasts are the most dangerous, and the opponent is not an ordinary beast, but a top predator.

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