Descent of the Demon God - Chapter 124: Tempting Night (2)

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Chapter 124: Tempting Night (2)

Count Anas.

She was in the top 700 among the thousand Counts. Compared to the other clan members, her ability wasn’t fit for battles, but it was more tricky than one could think.

Because it had a tremendous impact on the males.


Like a drug. Those who are seduced by her fall into her charms like insane people.

And since all their five senses turn dull, they obey her orders.

“Vice-lord. Calm yourself!”

Despite Mun Ran-yeong’s words, the chairman Chun Yu-jang was unable to regain his senses.

It was the same for the other Cult members. All had silver eyes, and looked like they were sleepwalking.

“No use. Unnie. We need to get rid of that bitch to get them back to normal.”

Shakena, who was well aware of Anas’ abilities, knew that dealing with her was the right move.

“If you can kill all these people, then come at me.”

As soon as Anas’ words fell, the seduced Cult members rushed towards Shakena and Mun Ran-yeong.


As they rushed in, Mun Ran-yeong was flustered.

If she attacked them with flame, they would definitely suffer from fatal wounds, so she responded with bare hands.


The Cult members were hit by her with light gestures. She wished it would end like that, but since they didn’t feel any pain, they kept getting up like a spring.


Among them was Baek Jong-so.

Baek Jong-so, who began to unfold the technique, rushed at her with determination to kill.

‘When he was mentally sane, he couldn’t fight like this.’

After his alertness and fear for the other person disappeared, the connection of the technique was more natural.

It was truly ironic.

Even if the back of the neck was hit, those who should have fainted were walking up like zombies.

The enchantment didn’t end with controlling the men, it could also make them walk to their death.


Normally, she would have killed the opponent, but Shakena remembered Chun Yeowun’s words, so she couldn’t take the risk.


She was contemplating on what to do while avoiding Chun Yu-jang and the others who kept attacking her.

She wanted to kill the woman right away.

As if understanding her anxiousness, Anas mocked.

“Try your best against the slaves!”

After spouting those sarcastic words, she tried to run away again.

That was when Shakena thought of a good way.

“Jump, Unnie!”


At Shakena’s shout, Mun Ran-yeong jumped up. And Shakena put her hands on the floor.

A radius of 100 meters was dyed in purple, and soon, it was phased.

As a result, some of the members standing in that place fell in.


The phasing was released and the people were pulled into the ground till their upper chest.

Thanks to that, those who were trapped couldn’t move.

“Well done!”


Without missing the chance, Mun Ran-yeong sprinted ahead.

After reaching Anas, who was desperately running away, she reached out and used flame spheres.


The moment Anas discovered it, she held out her hand which made silver magical spheres appear.

The two simultaneously used it on each other.



When they collided, the spheres exploded in the air. It seemed like they were on the same level.



The flame sphere which shattered passed through the one created by Anas and fell.

When she saw that, Anas tried to avoid it.

And she bounced back and forth like a cat trying to avoid it.

‘How can a human have this kind of power?’

She couldn’t believe it.

She couldn’t believe it when she heard that Chun Mu-seong had killed Kyle.

However, she didn’t think that another human who could handle her race would be there.


At that time, Mun Ran-yeong jumped down from the front. Anas tried to kick her, but.


Mun Ran-yeong skillfully wrapped the kick like a snake with her hand and aimed for Anas’ stomach again.



This time too, she was pushed back by 5 steps.

Mun Ran-yeong was shocked.

She was determined to kill this woman, but it didn’t seem like the woman took much damage apart from the black smoke. There were no injuries.

‘No internal organs then?’

If that wasn’t the case, the woman couldn’t be standing like this.

She knew this woman wasn’t human, but she didn’t think her body would be this strange.


Mun Ran-yeong turned her gaze to Anas’ chest.

Since too many things happened, she had forgotten about it, but Chun Yeowun did tell that if Demons came, she would have to aim for their core.

‘Aim for the chest!’


She moved like lightning towards Anas.

This time, she was aiming for the chest, but Anas crossed her hands and pulled out her sharp claws.


They crossed each other’s hands and bumped.

Surprisingly, Anas knew martial arts. She used a technique to avoid being hit.

“Martial arts?”

At her puzzlement, Anas shouted at her.

“Did you think that only humans could do this?”

She tried to claw Mun Ran-yeong’s face, but Mun Ran-yeong leaned back and kicked her in the chin.


Anas, who was kicked, tried to resist the pain and stabbed Mun Ran-yeong with a nail in the back.

She was aiming to cut off her spine, but because of the flames around her body, her nails were burning black.


Anas tried to avoid the flames and spread the distance between them again.

In that brief exchange, both had fatal looks.

‘Annoying! If only this bitch was a male, everything could be resolved!’

Anas was flustered. The biggest downside of her ability was that it didn’t work on females.

Although she could seduce a person of the same sex, she wasn’t interested in women, so she never used it.

‘Tch. This is a battle of time.’

Anas glanced at Shakena.

Shakena had buried most of the members in the ground and was dealing with other strong ones, including Chun Yu-jang.

She tried to trap him in the ground too, but he seemed to have managed to escape it.

However, it didn’t seem like they would last long against her.

It was then, Mun Ran-yeong’s hands reached her chest.



Anas flew back to avoid it. She thought that she was far enough, but as she moved back, an opaque form of a hand reached to her chest with flames around it.

It was an Invisible Palm embodied with Flame qi.



Unable to avoid it, the palm struck her chest.

Black smoke rose from her mouth as if Anas’ core was hit. She couldn’t hide her shock.

‘This bitch? Knows about the core?’

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be aiming for that spot with that attack.

Anas was genuinely shocked.

‘To a human girl, who lived for only 20 years, I lost?’

Unfortunately, Mun Ran-yeong was older.

And even older because of the recent hibernation. She was probably twice Anas’ age.

In any case, since her life was in danger, there was one single choice.


She flew without looking back.

The only way to survive.

“How dare you?”

Mun Ran-yeong jumped into the air and tried to deliver one last blow. It was then.



Someone appeared in front of her and stopped her.

He kicked Mun Ran-yeong with his two legs.


She crossed her arms, yet she fell to the ground because of the power of the kick.


As she fell down, a 10-meter hole was created. Fortunately, she didn’t suffer any internal injuries.


It was someone else.


And then, a figure appeared before her.

The man had light blue hair and was wearing glasses.

He gave off an exotic feel.

As if interested, he mumbled.

“You withstood a blow with the intent to kill. Are you human?”

“I see you are a demon too.”

Mun Ran-yeong immediately guessed.

If this man was a Murim, she could have felt internal energy within, but she couldn’t sense anything from this man.

“You are quick-witted.”

The man smiled and said.

Anas, who found him, spoke in a shocked expression.


The glasses man was ‘that person’. So she was wondering why he was here when he should be somewhere else.


“Is the core safe? Anas.”

“Ah! Hale… you too?”

The man in the gray coat with a ponytail was also a demon. Anas who didn’t understand asked

“Just how?”

“He foresaw this.”

At the words of a demon called Hale, her expression darkened.

“So he couldn’t believe me?”

“Don’t be offended. It is just that your abilities are imperfect. That was why he sent us to annihilate the one called Chun Mu-seong for sure.”

Despite putting it politely, it was the same.

In the end, that person couldn’t believe Anas and came up with another plan.

But thanks to that, she was alive now.

“… fine.”

“But it is unexpected. He didn’t know that the pursuers of the clan were cooperating with humans. A person with the highest ability of a Count… Heart Hunter.”

She was the most powerful Count, she ranked 3rd.

So now, they thought that Chun Mu-seong was able to deal with the previous demon with her help.


Just like Hale was shocked, Shakena was also shocked at the demons who appeared now.

‘Did they also surrender to the traitor?’

Before she came, a lot of trackers were sent in. and she assumed that they were all dead, but it didn’t seem like that was the case.

‘What? This power…’

Shakena frowned at the ominous demonic power rising from the two demons. She knew this better than anyone.

“You people! You ate your own kind!”


Leaving Chun Yu-jang aside, she flew into the air and threw her fist at Hale.

Hale lightly blocked it with his palm. At that, Shakena’s eyes fluttered.

‘Someone in his 800 is blocking my fist?’

The demon called Hale was lower than Anas. Yet, Shakena’s fist didn’t work.

“Heart Hunter. Long time no see.”


“You used to look strong in the past… but not so much now.”


Black veins began to bulge on the face of the demon Hale.

This was a phenomenon that would happen after preying on their own kind.

When they did, their strength would rise and in order to cope with it, their bodies would experience some changes as well.

And this phenomenon was called.

“Forced Awakening!”

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