Cultivation Online - Chapter 616 - Dragon Emperor

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"Welcome, Elder Zou, to my royal estate. You claim that someone from my Royal Family had entered the Fairy Paradise, is that correct?" The Dragon King asked Elder Zou when she arrived before him.

"And before you answer my question, you should know that I don't respond to false claims nicely."

Elder Zou coldly sneered and said, "And you should know that the Fairy Paradise doesn't respond well to rule breakers! A man with a Dragon Spatial Ring had invaded our territory, and I am here to verify whether he belongs to your family or not!"

"If he doesn't belong to your family, we will immediately execute him! However, if he does turn out to belong to the royal family, our Fairy Paradise will demand an explanation and compensation!"

The Dragon King then spoke, "While it is true that only the Royal Family should have a Dragon Spatial Ring, it is also possible for others to obtain the ring through other means. It's rare for this to happen, but it's not impossible."

The Dragon King then turned to look at the guard standing beside him and said, "What's the result?"

"I have managed to contact all of the men in the Royal Dragon Family and confirm that none of them have entered the Fairy Paradise," said the guard.

Elder Zou frowned upon hearing the guard's words. If that was true, that would mean the man with the Dragon Spatial Ring doesn't belong to the Royal Dragon Family.

"As you heard just now, Elder Zou, we have accountability for all men in the family, so it is not possible for that intruder to belong to our royal family!"

"That's all I need to hear. Then I will let the others know so that they can go ahead and continue with the execution," said Elder Zou as she retrieved a communication jade slip.

The Dragon King then added, "After you take care of that man, if you don't mind, can you return the Dragon Spatial Ring to us to prevent future misunderstandings? We'll compensate you for the effort."

"Of course." Elder Zou nodded.

A moment later, Elder Xue picked up the communication.

"Sister Xue, I have just spoken with the Dragon King. The man who invaded our territory doesn't belong to the Royal Dragon Family, so we can go ahead and kill him."

However, to Elder Zou's surprise, Elder Xue requested to speak with the Dragon King.

"Let me speak with the Dragon King."

Elder Zou then handed the communicated jade slip to the Dragon King, "Elder Xue would like to speak with you."

The Dragon King didn't think much of it and accepted the communicated jade slip.

"What do you want, Elder Xue?"

"Dragon King, are you absolutely certain that the intruder doesn't belong to the Royal Dragon Family?" Elder Xue asked him in a solemn voice.

"I have already gotten accountability for all men in my family and none of them is even near the Fairy Paradise! I am one hundred percent certain that the intruder does not belong to my royal family! Or are you trying to tell me that I am wrong?"

After a moment of silence, Elder Xue spoke, "Then can you explain to me why this person has a Golden Dragon Robe?"


The Dragon King immediately stood up and exclaimed in a shocked voice, dumbfounding the guard and Elder Zou there.

"Impossible! That is not possible! Although a Dragon Spatial Ring could've accidentally gotten into the hands of a stranger, as it has happened a couple of times before, the Golden Dragon Robe is an entirely different story with no such incidents!" The Dragon King quickly refuted.

And he continued, "The Golden Dragon Robe can only be given to someone that will become a future Dragon Emperor! Our family doesn't even have a Dragon Emperor! How can we possibly lose a Golden Dragon Robe when we don't even have one?!"

In the world of dragon royalty, there are different ranks of authority and power.

From the lowest to the highest— Dragon Prince/Princess, Dragon Lord, Dragon King, Dragon Emperor, Dragon God, and last but not least, Dragon Ancestor.

The Royal Dragon Family Yuan met in the Ancient Dragon City had Dragon Emperors, but in this world, Dragon King was the highest rank.

"I don't believe it! I will send someone there to verify his identity!" The Dragon King spoke after a long moment of silence.

He then turned to look at the guard and said, "Bring Shen Shi here as soon as possible!"


"What is happening?" Elder Zou asked him.

The Dragon King looked at her and said, "That's what I would like to know. If this intruder truly has a Golden Dragon Robe, you must not harm him under any circumstances!"

"Why? What's so special about this Golden Dragon Robe?" Elder Zou frowned.

"The Golden Dragon Robe represents a Dragon Emperor. There are many ranks in the Royal Dragon Family, and a Dragon Emperor is up there. If you kill a Dragon Emperor, you won't just offend the Royal Dragon Family— you'll be hunted by them."

"The Fairy Paradise might have the Fairy Empress and that person, but you won't be able to defend against the whole Royal Dragon Family all over the Nine Heavens. Furthermore, you'll only see Dragon Emperors above the Sixth Heaven, and we're currently in the Fifth Heaven."

Elder Zou frowned and said, "So you're telling me this invader came from the upper heavens?"

"No, this is only a speculation. However, if it turns out that he really has a Golden Dragon Robe… Things will get a little complicated for the Fairy Paradise and my royal family." The Dragon King sighed.

Sometime later, a beautiful young lady with a single golden horn on the side of her head appeared before the Dragon King.

"I have arrived, father. Why have you summoned me?"

"Shen Shi, you are to follow Elder Zou here to the Fairy Paradise.. There is a person there with the Golden Dragon Robe, and I want you to verify his identity," said the Dragon King, instantly dumbfounding her.

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