Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3447 three major forces

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In the mausoleum of the Immortal Emperor, the sword formation of Zhou Tian broke out. The terrifying sword energy instantly alerted all the immortals in the mausoleum. All the immortals who had learned the sword art in the mausoleum opened their eyes one after another, and looked at the deepest part of the mausoleum. place.

"Someone is breaking into that sword formation again. It is said that even the immortal lord will die in that sword formation..."

"It seems that there are still people who can't hold back their greed and put their minds on the temple. It is said that there are countless Jiutian Xuanxian who died in the sword formation..."

"Shh, let's not comment on this matter. What if the person who entered the battle is not Jiutian Xuanxian, but an immortal monarch, or an immortal emperor who is more terrifying than the immortal monarch?"

"Immortal Emperor, this shouldn't be possible..."


In the tomb of the Immortal Emperor, there are many immortals talking about it, but when it comes to the word Immortal Emperor, everyone's breath stagnates.

The immortals who can come here usually have the highest realm of Jiutian Xuanxian. In their eyes, the word Immortal Emperor obviously carries a strong shock.

Outside the Zhou Tianjian formation, the old man from the Fen Shui Sect left and returned. He stood outside the Zhou Tianjian formation, staring at Jian Chen who broke into the formation. There is a hint of excitement.

"Knowing the dangers of the Zhoutian Sword Formation, he dared to break into the Sword Formation. It seems that this person's strength is not as simple as that of Xianjun, because Xianjun will die if he enters it, and it is almost impossible to get out alive."

"Immortal Emperor, this person is very likely to be a strong Immortal Emperor!" The eyes of the Fen Shui Sect old man flickered with excitement, and he was overjoyed: "If you can have some communication with an Immortal Emperor, then It has brought great benefits to my water division, but I don't know if my previous efforts have won the favor of this Immortal Emperor..."

Inside the Zhou Tian Sword Formation, Jian Chen's figure was illusory and hazy, sometimes disappearing and sometimes appearing.

Around his body, there is endless sword qi pervading, densely packed, dense like a rainstorm, and each sword qi contains amazing power. .

However, none of these sword qi fell on Jian Chen. If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that all the sword qi passed by, passing by Jian Chen with a slight difference.

He stepped in with the method taught by Ziqing Sword Spirit, and would not be attacked by these sword qi.

Gradually, Jian Chen walked farther and farther in the Zhou Tianjian formation, deeper and deeper, and he was getting closer and closer to the temple.

The specific situation inside the Zhou Tianjian Formation is naturally unknown to the people outside. At this moment, a large group of people has gathered outside the Zhou Tianjian Formation. More than 70% of the immortals in the Immortal Emperor Mausoleum have come, and everyone is staring intently at the Zhou Tianjian Formation. , the figure that was submerged by the infinite sword energy, but was always tall and straight.

"What a terrifying sword qi, I was just standing outside, and the trace of breath emanating from the sword formation made me shudder, but that senior was able to persist in such a terrifying sword formation for such a long time, it must be Immortal Emperor..."

"Yes, the senior in the sword formation must be an Immortal Emperor powerhouse. I didn't expect to be able to see the style of the Immortal Emperor Powerhouse at such a close distance today..."

"It doesn't have to be the Immortal Emperor, what if the family happens to master the method of entering and exiting this formation..."

"Impossible, it is said that this sword formation has been blocked by the gate of life and death, even if you master the method of entry, you will not be able to break in..."

Luofu Xianzong, the ancestor of the Immortal Emperor Realm who was cultivating in the sect, could not sit still. He slowly stood up, took one step, and left the sect of Luofu Xianzong and went straight to the tomb of the Immortal Emperor. And go.

"I haven't fallen for such a long time, this person must be a strong immortal emperor. This kind of existence has come to our Qingping Immortal Realm, and it should be seen." To be able to span hundreds of thousands of miles is truly one step at a time.

"This person is not an Immortal Emperor level powerhouse, that is, he understands some mysterious methods of Zhou Tianjian Formation. But compared to the former, we expect the latter to appear..."

"Yeah, we have been staring at it for hundreds of thousands of years, and we have been waiting for the Zixiao Jianzong disciple who can unlock the Zhou Tianjian Formation to appear. Unfortunately, we have waited for so many years in vain. I hope that some miracles will occur this time, I hope The person who broke into the Zhoutian Sword Formation was not the Immortal Emperor, but the Zixiao Sword Sect."

Two tyrannical spiritual thoughts contacted in the void and communicated with the ancestors of Luofu Xianzong.

The masters of these two divine senses are also immortal emperor-level powerhouses, namely the Yuqing Immortal Sect and the Immortal Emperor Patriarch of Baiyun Immortal Sect.

At this moment, the ancestors of the three major forces in the Qingping Immortal Territory set off to the Immortal Emperor Mausoleum at the same time.

Immortal emperor powerhouses appeared in their own territory, and they couldn't help but pay attention.

The immortal emperors of the three major forces, Luofu Immortal Sect, Yuqing Immortal Sect, and Baiyun Immortal Sect, came to the Xingyun Mountains at almost the same time.

"See Old Ancestor!"

The three major forces guarding the entrance and exit of the Xingyun Mountains immediately showed respect when they saw their ancestors coming in person, and hurriedly bowed.

The ancestors of these three major forces ignored these low-level disciples. They kept their eyes on the deepest part of the tomb of the Immortal Emperor. When they were about to enter, suddenly, the monstrous sword intent that erupted from the tomb of the Immortal Emperor disappeared in an instant. of disappearance.

This sudden change caused the bodies of the old men of the three major forces to froze slightly.

But immediately, this stun was replaced by a burst of ecstasy, and the ancestor of Yuqing Xianzong couldn't help laughing: "Those who broke into the sword array have successfully passed through the Zhoutian sword array, hahahaha. , who we have waited for hundreds of thousands of years, finally appeared."

"Yeah, it finally appeared. We have been looking forward to this day for too long." The Immortal Emperor of Baiyun Xianzong also showed an excited smile on his face.

The Immortal Emperor of Luofu Immortal Sect even waved his hand, and immediately thirty-six huge stone tablets fell from the sky, shrouding the entire Starfall Mountain Range, and directly setting up a powerful formation.

Immediately afterwards, the Immortal Emperor of Luofu Immortal Sect even more decisively ordered: "Notify all the strong people in the sect to rush here as quickly as possible, set up the Heavenly Divine Formation, and seal the Starfall Mountain Range for me."

After Luofu Xianzong, the immortal emperors of Yuqing Xianzong and Baiyun Xianzong also issued the same order.

Immediately, in the sects of these three major forces, many strong men came out of the sky, turned into colorful rainbows, cut through the sky, and went straight to the tomb of the Immortal Emperor.


Jian Chen didn't know what happened outside the mausoleum. At this moment, he had successfully passed through the Zhoutian Sword Formation and was standing in front of the temple inside the Sword Formation.

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