Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3005 secret space

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"The value is comparable to a high-grade artifact..."

"The one who can kill the immortal emperor..."

Chen Shuzhi tossed and fiddled with the Deity-Destroying Thunder in his hand. Whenever he thought of the power of the Deity-Destroying Thunder in his hand, he felt excited and surging.

For any strong person who has just entered the Immortal Monarch Realm, it is difficult to suppress the joy in his heart when he suddenly holds a heavy weapon that can kill the Immortal Emperor strongman.

"Just using the title of a young suzerain to exchange for such an expensive **** thunder, I didn't expect that such a huge bargain would fall on me, Chen." Thinking of this, Chen Shuzhi couldn't suppress it anymore. I couldn't help the joy in my heart, and I couldn't help but have a bright smile on my face.

Because in his opinion, the young master of the Zixiao Sword Sect is really worthless. After all, the Zixiao Sword Sect has already fallen into such a state, and the wealth of the sect has already been exhausted, even if the entire sect is sold If you lose it, I'm afraid you won't be able to exchange for a divine thunder that can kill the Immortal Emperor.

Although there are some inheritances of immortal monarchs and letters of immortal emperors in the Zixiao Sword Sect, these things are of limited value, and they are still far inferior to the Immortal God Thunder.

In addition to the severe situation that Zixiao Sword Sect is facing now, the position of the young suzerain is definitely a thankless task.

However, Chen Shuzhi, who was complacent in Zixiao Temple, didn't know his every move, Jian Chen had already seen it clearly.

How can a low-grade artifact be able to stop the consciousness of an immortal emperor?

"It's just a God of Destroying Immortal Thunder that can kill the Immortal Emperor, and can make you happy like this?" Jian Chen couldn't help laughing at Chen Shuzhi's actions. Not much use.

"But I don't know that in your eyes, you have taken advantage of a huge advantage by exchanging an immortal thunder for the false name of a young suzerain. But in fact, for me, I am the one who really takes advantage. After all, Zixiao Sword Zong is not an ordinary sect, although it has fallen into disrepair, it is the Zixiao Sword Sect after all." Jian Chen sneered secretly in his heart, the Zixiao Sword Sect in his eyes was completely different from the Zixiao Sword Sect in Chen Shuzhi's eyes.

Next, Jian Chen's cultivation cave was also changed. As the young lord of the Zixiao Sword Sect, his status was different from before. The cave had been moved to the vicinity of the main peak. Go to a fairy palace of the highest level of immortal artifacts as the palace of the young suzerain.

In the next few days, there was an endless stream of people who came to visit Jian Chen, including many disciples from the Zixiao Sword Sect, as well as worshipers hired from outside.

After being busy for half a month, Jian Chen was finally able to relax.

In the following days, Jian Chen always stayed in his palace and fell into deep thought, thinking about how to get Zixiao Sword Sect out of the current predicament and embark on the road of revival again.

Expose strength? It's not that he didn't think that with his current strength, he could easily destroy the four surrounding forces and the Thunder Sword Sect.

But what happens after these major forces are eliminated?

If it's just the current major forces, in Jian Chen's eyes, they are all within the controllable range.

But once the forces behind them start to take action in person, everything will become unpredictable.

"It seems that this matter can only be done step by step."

"At least, we have to wait until the Temple of Absolute Beginning wakes up. The biggest difficulty hindering the rise of the Zixiao Sword Sect is that we don't have a strong man who can compete with the Immortal Venerable Realm." Jian Chen sighed secretly in his heart, and he observed the Temple of Absolute Beginning again. , found that the Temple of Absolute Beginning was still silent.

Last time, when the Temple of Absolute Beginning fell into a deep sleep, he was the one who revived it with the blood of the Supreme Venerable. But now, he didn't even have a single drop of Taizun's blood essence.

"Jian Chen, there is an important meeting to be held today. As the young suzerain, you must not be absent. Come quickly to the Zixiao Temple!" At this moment, Chen Shuzhi's voice transmission penetrated Jian Chen's palace and rang in Jian Chen's ears.

Hearing the sound, Jian Chen immediately got up and walked out of the palace, and soon entered the Zixiao Temple.

Inside the Zixiao Temple, the suzerain Chen Shuzhi and the elder Nong Fugui were sitting on the top seats, while below, almost all the core disciples of the Zixiao Sword Sect were present, only Jin Sang was unable to attend due to injuries.

"I have seen the Young Sect Master!"

In Zixiao Temple, all the core disciples stood up and saluted Jian Chen.

"Everyone don't need to be too polite!" Jian Chen smiled and clasped his fists at everyone, then walked straight to the seat belonging to the young suzerain and sat down.

This seat is ahead of all the core disciples, only under the seats of the suzerain and elders.

"The main purpose of calling everyone here today is to discuss the future development of the sect. Afterwards, everyone can speak freely and put forward any opinions." Suzerain Chen Shuzhi said.

"Sovereign, I suggest that we ignore the Green Fox Immortal Sect and directly open the Juling Mountain. After all, our Zixiao Sword Sect only has a hundred years to breathe. If we still can't produce the Seven-color Sword Lotus in the next hundred years, then the Thunder Sword Sect will definitely attack you!" Let's take action, even though we have the Immortal Destroyer Thunder, we still can't compete with the Shocking Thunder Sword Sect with just one Deity Destroyer Thunder..."

"We have the God of Extinguishing Immortals, and the Green Fox Immortal Sect will definitely be wary of rats, and dare not continue to pursue the matter of us opening the Spirit Juling Mountain..."

"This is inappropriate, if the Green Fox Immortal Sect really consumes our Immortal Destroyer Thunder at the cost of the death of an immortal, then what should we do..."

"In my opinion, we might as well take the Immortal Extinguishing Thunder to Qingtian City and sell it, so as to exchange a lot of resources for the development of the sect..."

"I suggest exchanging Immortal Extinguishing Lightning for a strong Immortal Emperor to protect our Zixiao Sword Sect. As long as we have an Immortal Emperor in charge, our days will be much easier..."


The core disciples gathered in the field put forward their opinions one after another, but after arguing for a long time, they couldn't come up with an effective solution.

After all, the Immortal Extinguishing Lightning is only a one-time item. Although its power is amazing, its disadvantages are also great. Once it is used, it will be gone.

"Let's stop here for today's discussion, everyone go back first, Jian Chen, you stay here." At this time, Elder Nong waved his hand a little tiredly.

Soon, the core disciples in Zixiao Temple left one after another, leaving only Jian Chen, Chen Shuzhi and Nong Fugui.

"Elder Nong, what can you do?" Chen Shuzhi looked at Nong Fugui and asked calmly.

Elder Nong sighed softly, and said, "It seems that the only way to do it now is to try."

Hearing this, Chen Shuzhi's eyes flashed brightly, and he asked curiously, "What method?"

"Open the secret space of ancestor Xinghuan!" Elder Nong said in a deep voice.

"Ancestor Xinghuan's secret space? Elder Nong, ancestor Xinghuan still has something left?" Chen Shuzhi's face was shocked.

"Ancestor Xinghuan is one of the three surviving ancestors. He is also the last ancestor of our Zixiao Sword Sect to fall." Elder Nong's eyes became melancholy, as if he had fallen into deep memories, thinking Back to the past many years ago: "In fact, when the last two ancestors fell one after another, the ancestor Xinghuan had already predicted that the Zixiao Sword Sect would encounter an unprecedented catastrophe. Therefore, at the last moment of the ancestor Xinghuan Here, the old man has been silently preparing, trying to leave some behind for Zixiao Sword Sect."

"It was also at that time that the ancestor Xinghuan smelted one of the eighteen spirit-gathering mountains of our Zixiao Sword Sect into the void with great supernatural powers, so that this temple would not be destroyed like Qingtian City. Take it away easily."

"In addition to Juling Shenshan, Xinghuan Patriarch also prepared some backhands. As for how much these backhands have prepared and how much help they can provide for Zixiao Sword Sect, I don't know, because all The things were all placed in the secret space created by Xinghuan Patriarch."

"However, when Patriarch Xinghuan fell in the end, he was still tightly holding a magic weapon that had not been refined with both hands. Therefore, I can't guarantee that Patriarch Xinghuan left for the sect. Some backhands, have you finished your preparations..."

"Elder Nong, how did you know that Xinghuan Patriarch left behind these backhands back then, why did I, as suzerain, not know about this matter?" Chen Shuzhi frowned and asked.

"These are all the ancestors of Xinghuan told me back then. Don't say you don't know about these news, even so many elders in the Immortal Emperor Realm didn't know about it." Chen Shuzhi and Jian Chen's pupils shrank for a while, and their gazes towards Elder Nong changed instantly.

"Don't ask me why, I don't know why the ancestor Xinghuan told me this news back then. After all, back then, I was just a low-status handyman disciple in the Zixiao Sword Sect, and I didn't even have the qualifications to become an outer disciple. nothing."

"If you really want to explain it, maybe the ancestor Xinghuan had already calculated that I will be the longest-lived disciple in the Zixiao Sword Sect." Elder Nong smiled wryly.

"Elder Nong, since you know that Xinghuan Patriarch has a backhand, why hasn't Zixiao Sword Sect used it for so many years?" Jian Chen asked puzzled.

"Because the ancestor Xinghuan sealed my memory, my memory about the secret space was only unsealed tens of thousands of years ago. But the Zixiao Sword Sect tens of thousands of years ago is not much better than it is now , even if I say that Xinghuan Patriarch has a second hand, I am afraid that not only will it not solve any problems, but it will also bring an even greater loss to Zixiao Sword Sect."

"Because the secret space left by the Xinghuan ancestor not only requires the cooperation of our Zixiao Sword Sect disciples with the corresponding secret method, but also needs the assistance of a strong man who is good at space law to open it, and the other party's space law, at least To reach the level of the Immortal Emperor Realm."

"And with the strength of the Zixiao Sword Sect back then, if an immortal emperor were really invited in, wouldn't that be leading the wolf into the house? In the end, we're afraid we won't get anything."

"Take this time as an example. If Jian Chen didn't appear suddenly, I would rather lose the sect here, and let the backhands left by Xinghuan ancestors hide forever, and I will definitely not say anything."

"It is precisely because we have this immortal thunder and the means to check and balance the immortal emperor that I dare to reveal this secret."

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