Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v10 Chapter 255 arrive

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"So, those monks haven't appeared before?" Tian Wu stood outside the room, looking at the army around him, but he frowned and asked the guards around him, they were ready here, just wanted to clean up Zhao Hai and the others, but Zhao Hai and the others did not appear, which gave Tian Wu a headache. He really did not expect that Zhao Hai and the others did not appear.

The guard nodded and said, "Yes, Commander, they haven't appeared before. I heard from people around the world that there were people suspected of being the other party a few days ago, but those people didn't approach the patrol team and left immediately. , and then it didn't show up."

Tian Wu said solemnly: "It seems that the other party's strength is really poor. As soon as we see that we are prepared, they will not dare to show up. These guys are very knowledgeable. , go forward with all our strength, we strive to get to the Jingan defense line earlier, this time the Jingan defense line must have made sufficient preparations, after all, those monks have attacked us many times, and they did not send letters to the Jingan defense line. , that is absolutely impossible, so this battle will be very difficult to fight."

The personal guard responded, and then ordered to go. Tian Wu glanced at the army around him, and then sighed. He was very clear that this time, it was not that simple. They were entangled by Zhao Hai and the others. It's been too long, and their whereabouts along the way are all under the eyes of the other party. The other party will definitely report their situation. You don't need to think about it. Waiting for them to pass, to be honest, the Shadow Clan people have attacked the Divine Tree Realm so many times, and this has never happened once, so he can be sure that they must fight very hard this time.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help sighing again. To be honest, he hated Zhao Hai and the others to death now, but unfortunately, he didn't know Zhao Hai's name. Even if he was angry, he didn't know who to scold. , this feeling made him feel very suffocated.

But he can't do anything now. The other party ran away. It is almost impossible for him to find the other party. After all, Jihai Hai is so big. Zhao Hai and the others can find a place to hide at will. In the end, the account can only be counted on the head of the Divine Tree Realm. This time, he wanted to see if the Divine Beast Realm could really block their attack.

Just when Tian Wu was secretly resentful, the scouts at the Jingan Defense Line also discovered the Shadow Clan army, and they began to keep sending the news of the Shadow Clan army back to the Jingan Defense Line. Those scouts, they all brought The Beast Bone Magic Array, and those Shadow Clan people didn't know about these Magic Arrays, they didn't find those scouts, so those scouts could get the news so smoothly.

This situation was actually caused by Zhao Hai deliberately. He asked for the Beast Bone Array from Gale Wind, but he didn't use it. They just used the Bone Beast Array while they were resting, so as not to be found by the shadow clansmen and attacked. When they were in the Shadow Clan, they used various tactics to mobilize the attention of the Shadow Clan, but they did not use the Shadow Clan's magic circle, so that the Shadow Clan people never knew they had the animal bone magic circle. Zhao Hai also planned to use this kind of magic circle. The magic circle is used as a killer, and now is not the time to use it.

After knowing the news of the people from the Shadow Clan, the Jingan Defense Line also confirmed the news given by Zhao Hai. In the end, they found that the news that Zhao Hai gave them was not bad at all. It was all true, even the people of the Shadow Clan. The things that changed the battle formation were all true, which also surprised the people of the various sects in the Jingan defense line, and some people finally believed the words of the Fire Phoenix Sect.

In fact, there were many people from other sects in the Jingan line of defense before, who did not believe the information of the Huofengzong. The Huofengzong said that a core disciple of their sect, with some disciples of their sect, was on the way. In Jihai, entangled with the Shadow Clan, one is to bring some damage to the Shadow Clan, and the other is to monitor the actions of the Shadow Clan, but there are many people who do not believe this kind of rhetoric.

The reason why those people didn't believe it was because they felt that no one would take this risk. After so many years, there has never been that cultivator who dared to take the initiative to attack the Shadow Clan people in the world, so they didn't believe in the Fire Phoenix Sect. If so, I feel that the people of Huofengzong are lying, there is no such person at all, and it is completely nonsense from Huofengzong.

But now that the facts are in front of them, they can't believe it. This also surprised the people of all sects. They really didn't expect that there would be such a person who really went to Jihai. Attacking the Shadow Clan people, such courage and such ability are really amazing, all of them are very curious, what kind of person is he who dares to do this.

But they could only think about it, and then they got busy. After all, the Shadow Clan people have already arrived at their door. If they are not prepared, they may suffer a loss. After all, the Shadow Clan people have already arrived this time. Some changes have been made, and their formations have changed. If they don't make some changes, they may suffer a loss against the Shadow Clan. Although they believe that they will be able to block the Shadow Clan's attack, they It is also very clear that it is two different things to be able to block or not to suffer losses. You can get the other party back, but in the process, how many people you will lose is hard to say. Of course, they hope to If you fight this battle well, you will lose as little as you can. After all, it's all human lives.

The Shadow Clan people didn't let them wait for long. Two days later, the Shadow Clan people arrived at the Jingan defense line, and the Jingan defense line was also ready. Both parties were very careful. Tian Wu and the others did not rush to attack, but made the In this camp, they used a lot of formations to protect the entire camp, and here the Jingan defense line is also opened, and the people on the islands are all ready to fight. preparations, the entire Jingan defense line became tense at once.

Yi Jin and Lie Gang were standing on Huofeng Island, looking at the army of Shadow Clan people outside the island, and looking at the army of Shadow Clan people, Lie Gang couldn't help but sighed: "To be honest, when facing such an army, , Lin Ze is still able to take people and attack them again and again, and so far, there have been no casualties. I have to admire his courage. Not everyone can have such courage. Yes, there are a lot of people, when they see such a large army, they are already scared to their knees, let alone attack."

Yi Jin nodded and said: "It is true, although I have faced Shadow Clan people several times, but every time I face Shadow Clan people, I will still be nervous, these guys are not easy to deal with, and this time the Shadow Clan people come here. Among the clan army, more than half are shadow beasts. Based on my past experience, these shadow beasts will not withdraw if there are no casualties. This is also the most helpless place for us. These shadow clansmen, they can always make this kind of The shadow beasts came out, and these shadow beasts are all consumables to them. Even if there are many deaths, they don't care, but our disciples are not consumables, and it is not a thing to cultivate one. It's easy. Although we can use divine beasts to replace some of the disciples' attacks, the intelligence quotient of those low-level divine beasts is not as good as those of shadow beasts. Not to mention that now, those ShadowClan people have changed the battle formation, in this case, it will be even more difficult for us to deal with them."

Lie Gang nodded, then sighed lightly and said, "These Shadow Clan people are getting harder and harder to deal with, but fortunately, we have also made some changes. This time, Lin Ze and the others succeeded in attacking the Shadow Clan people. I think it's a good idea. In the future, other sects may also send their disciples into the sea to attack the Shadow Clan people, and this time, although the Shadow Clan people took the initiative to attack, I think they really have a little bit of it. The taste of being forced, because we killed too many shadow beasts in Jihai, and the shadow clan may have found out. If we keep killing like this, then the shadow beasts in their hands may not be enough, so There will be this attack, so although they took the initiative to attack this time, they were also forced to attack. In addition, Lin Ze attacked them at Jihai, they will definitely have a headache this time. After they were repelled once, we will definitely send more people at Jihai. When the next time the Shadow Clan people want to attack the Jingan defense line, it will not be so easy. Just at Jihai, they There will be all kinds of attacks, so we are equivalent to advancing the front line to the sea, which is of great significance to our **** tree world, so I think this time Lin Ze should be the first."

Yi Jin glanced at Lie Gang a little strangely, then he smiled and said, "Uncle Seventeen, I remember you didn't have a good impression of Lin Ze before, why do you say that now?" Yi Jin was very curious. In the past, Liegang didn't have a good impression of Lin Ze. He had already seen that, but now, he was helping Lin Ze, which made him not surprised.

Lie Gang shook his head and said: "I don't have a good impression on Lin Ze, I think you should know, but now it has been proved that he is indeed a person without ambitions, then there is no reason why I have no good feelings for such a person What he has done, but ordinary people can't do it. People like him will be of great help to our Fire Phoenix Sect and Feng'er. In this case, I have no reason to go. It's embarrassing for him. To be honest, if it's not for some reason, you really have no way to dislike him. His ability, his personality, and his emotional intelligence are all people who don't like him. His reason, isn't it?"

When Yi Jin heard what Lie Gang said, he laughed and said, "Yes, Uncle Seventeen, you are right, there is really no reason to dislike him for someone like him, and we all like him too. , But this time, I am afraid that the sects will not read Junior Brother Lin's good, as for the sect, I am afraid that not many people want to give him this credit, after all, there are some people in the sect , still don't like him."

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