Ancient Fiend Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5687 Xu Changzong

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] "I heard that senior brother Jugong has already reached the critical point of the dominance realm, and he is only one step away from formally breaking through to the **** realm!"

No matter the outer sect or the inner sect, as long as they can become the palace master, their status should be unshakable in a short period of time.

"Half a stick of incense? Or a stick of incense?"

"This should be a human race, but his cultivation base... only has a second-level ancestor?"

After the dwarf appeared, there was another commotion.

The second protector nodded.

He always felt that before this guy broke through to the half-step dominance realm, he should be more than the eighth-level ancestor!

A smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of the second protector: "Three thousand palace masters are not ranked, but with the strength of this giant

A dwarf who was only about 1.3 meters tall but full of explosive muscles stepped out of it.

That is to say—

"It's him?"

The person named 'Xu Changzong' was a man who looked very young and seemed to be similar to Su Han.

From Xu Changzong's fierce temperament, Su Han seemed to see the shadows of those monsters in the Phoenix Sect.

"Eightfold Patriarch?"


This is also the reason why Su Han attracted attention at this moment.

Take Xu Changzong as an example, if he is the ninth or even tenth ancestor, the second protector will not be able to tell, so he can only listen to Xu Changzong himself.

And his cultivation...

"Jigong! It's Senior Brother Jugong!"

"Come out from the palace at this time, is it possible that Senior Brother Ju Gong plans to fight?"

The opening interval of the holy spirit pool is too short, it will be opened once a month.

At the same time, he was a little puzzled, as if he didn't understand why Su Han would ask such a question.

Hearing this, Su Han's eyes flashed, and he turned to look at this person.


"This person's face is strange, he should have just joined the Red Lotus Sect not long ago?"

"This person has just joined the Red Lotus Sect not long ago."

Su Han looked at the second guardian: "Did he tell the guardian?"

And the time for these outer disciples to improve their cultivation cannot be so fast that breakthroughs can occur every month.

This kind of cultivation level wants to break through, even in the universe, with resources that are much higher in quality than on the plane, it will take thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, or even longer!

Immediately afterwards, a crack was torn open in the space. From a distance, the crack was in the center of the palace gate, as if the palace gate had been opened.

Circles of ripples, centered on that space, spread towards the surroundings.


There is a long sword pinned to his waist, a dragon head is embroidered on the hilt, and the scabbard still emits light. At first glance, it is not as simple as an ordinary low-grade space device.

A burst of discussion came from all around.


"Tsk tsk, there's another good show to watch!"

She sent a voice transmission to Su Han: "When he joined the Red Lotus Sect, his cultivation had reached the eighth-level ancestor saint. Now that he has broken through to the half-step master, his combat power will definitely be greatly improved."

The second protector looked at Xu Changzong with an undisguised appreciation.

Su Han's thoughts were naturally different.

"Only Senior Brother Ju Gong showed up, so he must be planning to face the two challengers at the same time, right?"

Although there are 30 million disciples of the Red Lotus Sect's outer sect, not every time the holy spirit pool is opened, there will be a frenzy of challenges.

It is also a half-step dominance realm!

"An outer disciple intends to challenge the Palace Master?"

There are more and more outer disciples watching here, and this seems to be the only condiment they are interested in in their boring training.

"So what about facing the battle? Brother Jugong has been immersed in the realm of half-step masters for more than 50,000 years, how can he still lose to them?"

Swish Swish Swish Swish—

Although he is also a human race, his hair is dark purple, and it is draped behind his back. His face is also extremely handsome, and he looks full of monsters.

As the second protector's voice fell, many disciples of the Red Lotus Sect outside the surroundings all looked at Su Han.

At this moment, before a certain palace, a space suddenly vibrated.

"Not necessarily, the second protector personally accompanied him, and he personally spoke out to help this person to fight. It should be that he appreciates him very much."

"You can't bet on a few fingers, we should bet on how long it will take."

"Hmph, the human race has always been so arrogant!"

"Outer sect disciple Xu Changzong wants to challenge the palace master of the half-step dominance realm, which brother and sister are willing to fight?!"

The three thousand outer disciples who can be called 'palace masters' are at least half-step masters.

No matter in the realms of emperor saints or ancestor saints, once they completely break through the seventh level, no matter how strong they are, they will not be able to see their true cultivation level. They can only feel that their aura is still at this great level.


Unexpectedly, after the second protector's voice fell, before the Palace Master responded, another figure rushed from afar.

"Hahaha, let's bet, how many fingers will Senior Brother Jugong use to defeat these two challengers?"

"I think so too. I'm afraid this person has two brushes."

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