Absolute Resonance - v3 Chapter 640 Lilo's purpose

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In the dim space, a giant wolf was crawling, and behind it, three huge tails swayed slowly, releasing a monstrous aura of ferocity, but at this time the body and limbs of the giant wolf were wrapped with mysterious light patterns engraved on them. Lock

Chains, chains bound him so tightly that he couldn't move.

Suddenly, the three-tailed Heavenly Wolf suddenly opened the scarlet beast pupil, and the slaughter and viciousness within it was like a storm that turned into reality, and it suddenly swept away, causing the surrounding space to vibrate slightly.


There was a low and violent roar from the giant mouth of the three-tailed wolf fangs.

Its scarlet beast pupils stared at the darkness ahead, where a figure slowly walked out and finally stopped in front of it.

The three-tailed Sirius recognized this person, and it was this cunning human who deceived him from the deep mountains. Not only did he inexplicably fight against a powerful alien, but he was also directly sealed up.

Compared with the dark space here, the deep mountain where it always wanted to escape like a prison at first made it miss it even more.

And the source of all this is the human being in front of me!

boom! The three-tailed Sirius roared, his huge body writhing violently, trying to slaughter the tiny human in front of him, but at this time the chains around his body began to shrink violently, and the terrifying power flowing on it also caused it to emit

Painful howls.

"Brother Sanwei, don't get excited!"

Li Luo was startled when he saw the appearance of the three-tailed Sirius who was about to swallow him, and quickly spoke out to comfort him.

However, for his comfort, the three-tailed Sirius obviously didn't care. The huge body pulled the rune chain and made a humming sound. The blood-red beast pupil stared at Li Luo, making people shudder.

"Brother Three Tails, do you want to get out of the seal and regain your freedom?" Li Luo shouted. The body of the three-tailed heavenly wolf froze, and then the blood-red beast pupil stared at Li Luo fiercely, it let out a low roar, and a thought emanated, but the meaning contained in the thought made Li Luo feel clearly. come out


That thought was full of ridicule, anger and doubt. Li Luo smiled. It is said that the spirit beasts can speak human words only when they step into the Marquis Realm. The three-tailed Sirius has not yet stepped into that realm, so it is not easy to communicate directly, but the other party obviously has a good reputation. wise, so

It's easier to understand what he's saying. So, Li Luo showed his sincerity and apologized first: "Brother Sanwei, it was really wrong for me to lead you out of the mountains that day, but I did it for your own good, you see, although you are still in the seal now, but you have escaped. The harsh environment of the dark cave, I think you should also be aware that if you stay in the dark cave for a long time, you will inevitably be polluted by the power of evil thoughts. Evil thoughts dispel reason and become

A beast with no ego. "

There is a sneer in the eyes of the three-tailed wolf beast, dare I fall into this situation now, I have to thank you? You disgusting, despicable human being.

Then it growled impatiently.

The roar was filled with the meaning of letting Li Luo get out.

Li Luo smiled lightly and said, "The three-tailed brothers are now at a critical point in their impact on the Marquis Realm? Do you think you have a high probability of success in the future?"

The three-tailed Sirius glanced at Li Luo coldly, as if it was none of your business.

Li Luo said calmly: "I think, maybe in the future I can help you to attack the Marquis Realm." The three-tailed Sirius no longer struggled needlessly at this time, and continued to lie down, but the beast pupil brought With a strong sense of ridicule, a human boy of the rank of shaman dares to say that he will help it attack the lordship in the future.

Big joke.

"When the three-tailed brothers saw me for the first time, what was my strength?" Li Luo asked.

The blood-red beast pupils of the three-tailed Sirius squinted for a moment. The last time he met this human in the dark cave, he seemed to be only a small physiognomist. At that time, he could directly destroy him with a single breath. kill.

But now that this kid has stepped into the rank of Earth Demon General, the speed of this cultivation has made the Three-Tailed Sirius a little bit startled.

Li Luo looked at the three-tailed Sirius who was quieter, and smiled again: "Brother three-tailed, you are sealed in my bracelet, maybe it is a big chance for you."

A sneer appeared in the eyes of the three-tailed Sirius, this human kid is really too thick-skinned.

Li Luo didn't care about its sneer, and instead asked: "Do you know why the king who sealed you sealed you and gave it to me?"

In the mind of the three-tailed Sirius flashed the figure that brought it huge terror. In front of that figure, it could not even raise the courage to hate, because it understood what a huge gap there was between itself and the other party. .

That's the king of the realm!

Just mentioning it makes it tremble.

And what is the relationship between the powerful king and this human kid?

Li Luo said indifferently: "The king who gave you to me is just asking for something from me." The three-tailed Sirius was shocked, and he stared at Li Luo in surprise. How high and high, that is the realm of the strongest, how could it be possible for Li Luo, who was only a small teacher at that time, to exist like that?

Wanted? This kid is really unreliable, not a word can be believed.

"You don't believe it?" Li Luo smiled as if he knew what the three-tailed Sirius was thinking, and then his mind moved, and a phase force rose above his body. First was the power of the water phase, then the power of the wood phase, and finally, accompanied by a faint sound of the dragon's roar, the power of the dragon phase also emerged, and the three phase forces existed clearly, showing Li Luo The three aspects of oneself


"Three, three-phase?!" A very obvious horror flashed in the eyes of the three-tailed wolf beast. The power of the three phases revealed by Li Luo made his heart suffer a great impact, because he knew very well. , the power of the three phases, that is the king realm powerhouse

symbols of!

And in front of this human boy who is not in the realm of the palace, actually in this realm, he has three phases? !

What a shocking monster this is!

Li Luo smiled and said, "You should believe it now, right?"

The three-tailed Sirius was silent for a while, and when an idea came, Li Luo could vaguely sense it, which meant that although his three-phase was rare, he was not qualified to be desired by the king.

These three-tailed Sirius are also shrewd, the three-phase really represent amazing talents, but these three-phase, and the three-phase of the real king-level powerhouse are very different.

However, it can be seen that the emotions of these three-tailed Sirius are no longer as violent as they were at the beginning, and they are no longer contemptuous towards Li Luo as if they were regarded as ants.

Obviously, Li Luo's three-phase exposure still has some effect. The three-tailed Sirius let out a low growl, and some did not understand what Li Luo meant by coming here. Do you want to deter him? Now that it has been sealed and imprisoned, the most hated is the person in front of him, so after seeing Li Luo's talent, he reacts

And upset. Feeling the impatience and hostility of the three-tailed Sirius, Li Luo did not continue to test, he pondered for a few seconds, and solemnly said: "I am here to tell you so much, only for one purpose, I want to reach an oath with you. , you take me as

Lord, the term is one year. "Although Li Luo can use the "Heavenly Sacrifice Curse" to pull away the power of the three-tailed Sirius, it is still the inferior way to suppress the beast. power exerted to

The ultimate.


And the three-tailed Sirius heard Li Luo's words, but he was extremely angry, and suddenly opened his huge fangs and roared at Li Luo.

How dare this abominable human kid let him think he is the master? !

Are you fit too? !

Facing the furious and roaring Three-Tailed Sirius, Li Luo looked unusually calm, and continued: "If you agree, after a year, I will set you free, and during this period, I will find a way to help you break through to seal. Hou Jing." As Li Luo's calm voice spread in the dim space, the furious roar of the Three-tailed Sirius became quieter a little.

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