A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2309 - Boss, This Animal!   

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Chapter 2309: Boss, This Animal!


Kiddo stopped chewing slowly and also looked at Mag curiously with the spoon in her hand.

Compared to his worry of Amy writing this down in her little notebook, Mag didn’t want Kiddo’s feelings to get hurt more. Hence, he could only nod his head and said, “Yes, I am Kiddo’s father. Gina is her mother. Today is her hatch day.”

Amy’s eyes were wide open as she asked with shock, “Hatch? Did Kiddo hatch from an egg just like Ugly Duckling?”

“Yes.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“Then, will Kiddo have wings when she grows up?”

“I… don’t think so.”

“It’s fine. I’ll teach Kiddo how to fly when she is older,” Amy said with a smile.

Kiddo nodded and said, “Fly fly. I like to fly fly.”

Amy patted her head and said, “Go on and eat, Kiddo. We can even have an ice cream when you’re finished.”

“Alright,” Kiddo answered obediently and continued to chow down the fried rice.

“You’re only allowed to eat one ice cream. I’m going to make dinner now. If there’s anything you want to eat, tell me later.” Mag got up and walked to the kitchen. He had to start making proper dinner now. He still had to entertain Luna’s grandfather, Mr. Byron, later.

Right then, someone knocked on the door.

The restaurant’s door was pushed open and Annie stood at the door with a sketchboard. Her gaze landed on Kiddo and her footsteps faltered. A hint of bewilderment appeared on her face. The drawings in her left hand scattered everywhere onto the floor. They were all sorts of quick sketches based on people and scenery.

Kiddo, who was eating happily, also turned around suddenly. She looked at Annie at the door in a daze and her spoon fell onto the table.

“Kiddo’s scared!” Kiddo slid off her chair immediately and pounced into Gina’s arms. She burrowed her face into Gina’s soft bosoms and shivered.

“Don’t be afraid. This is Big Sister Annie. She’s not a bad guy.” Gina hugged Kiddo and patted her back to console her, but she was perplexed. Why was Kiddo afraid of Annie?

The little one had been curious about everything she saw on her way. She didn’t know what fear was.

Mag looked at Annie, who was in a daze at the door, and Kiddo, who was hiding in Gina’s arms. Apart from being taken aback, he already had some speculation.

Annie was born from Cthulhu. Even though she was already an independent individual, she still had the mark of the Great Old One.

And, Kiddo was the reincarnation of the God of the Sea. She should be a mortal enemy of the Great Old Ones.

Such an enmity had been imprinted in their souls, which was why little Kiddo would have this sensation and rejection instinctively after she saw Annie.

However, because she was very young and weak now, this feeling became fear, which was a kind of protection for her.

Meanwhile, Annie didn’t have a big reaction. After being stunned for a short moment, she became normal again. Looking at Kiddo in Gina’s arms, Annie was perplexed and didn’t know what to do.

Taking in a god and a Great Old One as daughters and raising them under one roof, Mag thought that it was a little too bold.

“You’re home.” Mag went up to pick up the drawings on the floor. He closed the door and smilingly introduced Kiddo to Annie. “This is Kiddo, the new member of our family.”

Amy jumped off her seat and said with a smile, “Big Sister Annie. Kiddo is super cute, but she seems to be a little shy.”

Annie also smiled as she looked at Kiddo, who had her head buried in Gina’s bosoms, curiously. However, she didn’t go forward as she could sense that Kiddo didn’t like her.

Amy walked over to Gina. She shook Kiddo gently and said in a soft tone, “Kiddo, this is Big Sister Annie. Finish your fried rice quickly and I’ll go get the ice cream for you. Then, we will look at the drawings that Big Sister Annie drew today.”

Kiddo looked up slowly and poked her head out to look at Annie cautiously. The dark shadow had disappeared and she was a pretty big sister.

Annie gave her a warm smile.

Kiddo smiled too. She sweetly called out, “Big Sister… Annie.”

Although Kiddo greeted Annie, she had no intention of leaving Gina’s arms. She took the plate, finished the fried rice and then remained in Gina’s arms.

Even though Mag didn’t say anything, he could see that Kiddo was still a little afraid of Annie.

This was a kind of instinct. Mag knew it was impossible to eradicate it immediately. It could only be resolved by a long interaction between the two.

“Rest for a while first. Dinner will be served soon.” Mag took Annie’s drawing board and patted her head before going into the kitchen. He also said to Amy, “Little Amy, go bring the big sisters here for dinner and introduce Kiddo to them.”

“Alright!” Amy answered and skipped out of the door.

Annie sat across from Gina and stared at Kiddo for a while before asking Gina in sign language, “Big Sister Gina, is this your child?”

“Yes. Kiddo is my child,” Gina nodded and answered very firmly.

“Is she Father’s child too?” Annie pointed at Mag in the kitchen.

“Erm…” Gina looked at the kitchen and blushed furiously. After holding back a while, she nodded too.

This… was simply too embarrassing!

She wanted to escape with Kiddo when she thought about how she had to answer the same question to everyone later.

The boss and her had nothing going on, but now they had Kiddo together. It would be hard to explain things now.

Annie nodded thoughtfully. She noticed that Kiddo was staring at her drawings, so she pushed the entire stack to Kiddo.

Gina flipped through those drawings for Kiddo. Annie had drawn all kinds of plants, birds and animals, and many interesting scenes. Gina smilingly said, “Annie has gone to the Bird and Flower Market at the west of the city today.”

Annie nodded.

“It’s so pretty.” Kiddo looked at the drawings and praised softly before pointing at a rooster, “What is this?”

“This is a rooster,” Gina replied.

“Is it delicious?” Kiddo asked again.

Gina flicked a glance at her. Kiddo had only played with Amy for a short while and she was already on the path of becoming a chowhound?

“Mm-hm. It’s delicious. It can be made into beggar’s chicken and spicy diced chicken.” Gina nodded with a smile.

“I want to eat it.” Kiddo looked at that impressive rooster and gulped.

“Then, I’ll add a beggar’s chicken for Kiddo tonight.” Mag’s voice came from the kitchen.

Little chowhounds were the easiest to satisfy. Mag had never worried about little chowhounds before.

Kiddo happily answered, “Yeah!”


“What! Gina has a child?”

“And it’s with Boss?!”

“W-when did this happen? Why didn’t we know anything?!”

“Boss, this animal!”

“I worked here first…”

Shocked voices could already be heard in the restaurant before the ladies entered.

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