A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2308 - His Daughter's Soul Searching Questions   

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Chapter 2308: His Daughter’s Soul Searching Questions


“Yes. Good girl.” Amy answered and kissed Kiddo’s chubby cheek. She stroked Kiddo’s soft blue hair, feeling even happier.

She had a little sister now. Her own little sister. Such an adorable and well-behaved little sister must be fun.

Mag felt gratified when he watched this scene. Two adorable little ones, what a loving scene.

“Meow~?” Ugly Duckling tilted its head with befuddlement. It looked at them in confusion. Why was his little mistress hugging that dangerous fellow?

“Stupid kitty,” Kiddo looked up and said with pouty lips.

“Ugly Duckling, how did you end up there?” Amy looked up at Ugly Duckling who was crouching on the beam with surprise too.

The rotund Ugly Duckling even had trouble getting up to the counter normally, so how did it get to the highest beam in the restaurant?

“Kiddo spooked it,” Gina said with a smile.

Amy’s eyes lit up. “Oh I see. Then, let’s get Kiddo to supervise Ugly Duckling’s slimming progress. The effect will definitely be great.”

Ugly Duckling: “…?”

“Come down, Ugly Duckling.” Amy waved at it.

Ugly Duckling stared at Kiddo warily for a while before hugging the pillar and sliding down unwillingly. With its tail up high, it crawled over to Amy on its stomach and weakly called out, “Meow”.

“Kiddo, this is Ugly Duckling.” Amy put Kiddo down and picked up the roly-poly Ugly Duckling.

“Ugly Duckling? Ducky? Kitty?” Kiddo looked at Ugly Duckling curiously. She tiptoed and reached out with her chubby hand to pat Ugly Duckling’s head.

Ugly Duckling’s fur stood up on end immediately. It arched its body as though it was going to run amok at any time.


Kiddo’s palm landed on Ugly Duckling’s head.

“Be good, or I’ll flatten your head.” Kiddo used the cutest tone of voice to say the harshest words.

This slap wasn’t hard. Together with that soft little hand. It could be described as a gentle touch.

However, Ugly Duckling, who was about to run amok, was calmed down by this slap.

The bristled fur became smooth instantly and it crouched down obediently. It looked very willing to be patted at any time.

“Mmm. Very good. This is how you should do it.” Amy looked at Kiddo with satisfaction, as though she had found a commonality in her.

“Ding! New mission: Kiddo the newcomer! Could Little Mistress help Kiddo to get used to her new home and surroundings and gain more than 90 points of favorability from Kiddo! The mission reward would be decided by the mission’s progress of completion!” Right at that moment, the system’s voice appeared in Amy’s mind.

“What a simple mission. Isn’t that what I’m going to do right now?” Amy put Ugly Duckling on the floor and took Kiddo’s hand. “Let’s go, Kiddo. Big Sister will show you our home.”

“Alright.” Kiddo nodded obediently and followed Amy around to get to know the restaurant.

“Gina, take a break first. I’ll go make some food for Kiddo.” Mag poured a glass of water for Gina and went upstairs to take a quick bath before changing into his chef’s suit and making dinner for Kiddo in the kitchen.

Kiddo already had all her teeth and he had heard her munch on the mint sweets on their way home, so her bite should be quite good. He didn’t have to specially make soft food for her.

Mag intended to let the little one have a light dish for her first meal, so he made her a helping of Yangzhou fried rice.

When Mag came out from the kitchen with two helpings of fried rice, Kiddo was riding on Amy’s little wooden horse and Amy was introducing the toys in her arms to her.

The ambiance of the sisters’ first meeting was not bad and they got along very harmoniously.

“Alright, Kiddo. Let’s wash your hands and have your dinner,” Mag said with a smile.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to wash your hands. We have to wash our hands before we eat our meals, so we won’t get diarrhea.” Amy took Kiddo’s hand and walked to the kitchen.

Gina smilingly said, “Little Amy seems to like Kiddo a lot.”

Mag also replied with a smile, “She always wanted to have a younger sister. Now that her dream has come true, of course she likes her.”

Gina continued to ask, “Where’s Annie? She’s not at home?”

“Hmm. She should have gone out to sketch. She’s not in her room.” Mag nodded. Annie had always gone out to sketch recently. Others’ picture books could no longer satisfy her learning needs. She always came back home with a stack of sketches.

Amy came out from the kitchen with Kiddo. Seeing the two helpings of fried rice on the table, Amy said to Mag with smiley eyes, “Father, do I have a helping too?”

“Yes, you can have a small bite first. We’ll have dinner together later.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“Mmm. Alrighty!” Amy climbed onto her designated seat with a smile.

Gina carried Kiddo to her little chair.

“It’s so pretty.” Kiddo looked at the colorful fried rice on the plate with glowing eyes.

Amy introduced it to her. “This is rainbow fried rice. Father made it. It’s a very, very delicious rainbow fried rice.”

“It’s a very, very delicious rainbow fried rice.” Kiddo repeated and confirmed again.

“Let’s start eating then.” Amy picked up her spoon and fed a spoonful of fried rice into her mouth. She chewed happily with her cheeks puffed out.

Kiddo watched Amy for a while and then picked up the small spoon in front of her. She scooped up some fried rice clumsily and tried very hard to put the spoon into her mouth.

Although she dropped half of the fried rice onto the table, she still experienced the taste of food for the first time.

Kiddo’s big bright blue eyes lit up instantly, as though she had tasted something incredible.

The sweet rice that was wrapped by the eggs, was accompanied by all kinds of delicious ingredients. Together with the refreshing taste of the Spring of Life, it was a taste that she had never tried before.

“It’s so scrumptious.” Kiddo looked at Mag and nodded. “The super, super delicious rainbow fried rice that Father made.”

“Have more since you like it.” Mag wiped a grain of rice away from her face with a smile.

Kiddo pulled the plate towards her and leaned forward to get her mouth closer to the plate. She used the spoon to push a mouthful of rice into her mouth.

This time, not a single grain of rice was dropped onto the table.

“Kiddo is so smart.” Amy praised. She never taught Kiddo to eat in this way.

Kiddo chewed quickly with her cheeks puffed out like a cute little squirrel. She looked a little like Amy when she was eating. That made Mag and Gina smile.

Amy put her spoon down onto a clean plate after she finished off the fried rice. She curiously asked Mag, “Father, is Kiddo Gina’s and your child? Was she born today?”

“Erm…” Mag actually didn’t know how to answer his daughter’s soul searching questions at that moment.

Gina was also blushing slightly. She turned her head to the side slightly and pursed her lips in silence.

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